Trouser Sewalong

We went a little crazy here at A Fashionable Stitch HQ and decided to tackle pants for a sewalong! This was no easy feat, but armed with the book Pants for Real People, we did it! Follow along and make your own pair of pants. For this sewalong, we used Burda Style Pattern #127 and if you too plan to use this pattern, please read all the way through the Sewalong posts as there were many hiccups with this particular sewing pattern!

Trouser Tantalizer

A Discussion on Pants with Cal Patch

Pattern Primer – Burda #127

Before You Cut Your Pattern

The Trouser Sewalong – Going Shopping

Prepping the Pattern Pieces

Snipping up Your Trouser Muslin

Under Construction – Trouser Muslin

Making a Straight Grain Waistband into a Bias Waistband

Noteworthy Bottoms

Most Common Pant Alterations

In Which I Finally Talk About the Word…..Crotch!

Discussing, At Length, Crotch Length

the Knee & the Hem

Width Alterations for Pants

Fullness & Waistlines


What do I do with a Muslin?

the Cutting of the Cloth

Cutting the Lining


Whipping the Lining Into Shape

Bias Waistband Fun-ness

Zipper Insertion Options

a Waistband, a Zipper, a Facing & a Lining=Puzzle?

Hem It Up!

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For Trousers