Sewing Classes

Currently, I offer sewing classes at a local fabric shop – Yellow Bird Fabrics – here in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can view the current offering of classes via the Yellow Bird Fabrics Blog, or here where I update my schedule monthly. Going to be in town and want to take a class? Contact the ladies at Yellow Bird Fabrics ~ (801) 466-3110 or by email,

Here is what’s on the docket for January 2013:

The Perfect Pencil Skirt Workshop Series – 4 sessions, $175
This is a series of four classes in which we’ll go from drafting a pencil skirt sloper made to your measurements, to drafting a stylish pencil skirt pattern, and finally constructing a truly fabulous skirt to last you for years to come.  This series will give you the skills required to make endless pencil skirts at home! Please note that these classes are a package deal and they are fashioned for intermediate sewists.

Drafting the Perfect Pencil Skirt – 2 hrs
Class Dates & Times: January 3 @ 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
This class is the first in this series (see above). Do you lust after perfectly fitting pencil skirt patterns yet find them all to be lacking perfect fit? Fear no more! In this class, you’ll draft the perfect pencil skirt just for you, made from your measurements. From taking measurements to putting them on paper, we’ll go from start to perfectly fitting pencil skirt basic pattern in no time. For this class, participants will be supplied with drafting paper and drafting supplies and come away with one amazing pencil skirt sloper/basic pattern – the basis for building your own pencil skirt at home.
Instructor: Sunni
Materials Needed: all materials included
Fitting & Creating the Perfect Pencil Skirt – 2hrs
Class Dates & Times: January 10 @ 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
This class is the second in this series (see above). In this class, you’ll learn how to achieve perfect fit from your pencil skirt sloper and a few basic patternmaking skills.  We’ll cover a muslin fitting session and from there, create a pencil skirt with a vent, lining, simple contoured waistband or petersham ribbon waistband. Please note that this class builds upon the basic pattern drafted in Drafting the Perfect Pencil Skirt. Drafting paper and drafting supplies included.
Instructor: Sunni
Materials to purchase or bring from your stash: 2 yards muslin, drafting materials included
Pencil Skirt Sew-Along – 2hrs, 2 class sessions
Class Dates & Times: January 17 & 24 @ 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
This class is the third and fourth in this series (see above) and will take place during two separate class sessions. Now you have a beautifully fitting pencil skirt pattern, and you’re ready to tackle creating one that you can actually wear out of the house. In this class you’ll learn tips and tricks for constructing a pencil skirt that’s both wearable, comfortable yet chic and sophisticated and endures the test of time and wear. We’ll discuss and learn such things as how to pick the best zipper insertion option, how to stabilize seams properly, sew a vent and lining for your skirt and add unique touches to truly make the skirt your own. Each participant will be supplied with instructions for tips and techniques in addition to hands on instruction and will go home confident with a beautifully finished, easy to wear and pair, pencil skirt! Please note that this class requires that you have taken the class Fitting & Creating the Perfect Pencil Skirt.
Instructor: Sunni
Materials to purchase or bring from your stash: 1.5 yards 60” wide fashion fabric or 2 yards 45” wide fashion fabric prewashed and ready to cut; matching thread; 2 yards lining; matching 14 “– 16”invisible or traditional zipper. It’s highly recommended that you bring your own sewing machine for this class.
Rare materials will be on hand to purchase if needed.

The Knit T-shirt! – 5 hrs, 2 class sessions
Class Dates & Times:
January 5 @ 10am – 1pm & January 12 @ 10am – 12pm
Skill Level:
Beginner – Intermediate
This class is all about conquering the knit! If you’re looking for a crash starter course on knitwear – this is the class for you! Knits are wonderful fabrics to work with and not scary at all. We’ll discuss and learn the pros of working with knits, how to handle them, how to sew them and how forgiving they are when it comes to fit. In addition, we’ll work together to sew the perfect knit t-shirt all on a basic sewing machine. Knits are fun – come and learn just how fun they can be!
Materials to bring:
Sewaholic Renfrew T-shirt pattern (available at Yellow Bird); enough fabric for one of the versions of the t-shirt (please note that you can mix and match any of the sleeve lengths with the neckline versions – you pick the t-shirt you would like to make!); thread to match; stay tapes included.

Demystifying Fit – 2 hrs, 1 class session
Class Dates & Times: January 9 @ 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner – Intermediate
Do you wonder why sewing patterns don’t fit you right out of the envelope? In this class we’ll discuss fit on all scales, why patterns rarely fit anyone right out of the envelope and what you can do to achieve perfect fit. We’ll talk about measuring yourself correctly, pattern sizing vs. ready to wear sizing and pattern ease. You’ll learn basic adjustments and alterations that can be mixed and matched to help you get the perfect fit!
Instructor: Sunni
Cost: $50
Materials to bring: A notebook for taking notes
Sewing Machine Basics – 2 hrs, 1 class session
Class Dates & Times: January 16 @ 4pm – 6pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Want to learn how to sew but don’t know where to start? This is a great class to start with! Learning the ins and outs of your sewing machine is always much easier with someone to help you along. We’ll cover everything from how to thread your machine, wind the bobbin, basic stitches and what they are used for and how to adjust tension on your machine. In addition, you’ll be given a list of resources for how to do it at home, just in case you forget. Bring your sewing machine and let’s play!
Instructor: Sunni
Cost: $50
Materials to bring: Your sewing machine (its best to learn the ins and outs on your own machine); if possible, your sewing machine manual.
Copy Your Favorite Garment – 2hrs, 1 class session
Class Dates & Times:
January 23 @ 4pm – 6pm

Skill Level: Intermediate
Do you have clothing in your closet that fits you perfectly? Are you dying to have 20 of that same garment because you love the fit or style? This class is all about how to do what’s referred to as a “rub-off” – taking a pre-existing garment and creating a paper pattern from it, all without harming the original garment. In this lecture style class you’ll learn techniques for how to create a paper pattern from your favorite garment.  We’ll discuss construction order, how to add in elements like darts and gathers and ideas for creating different garments from one pattern. Please note that this class is geared towards intermediate sewists and is not for beginners!
Instructor: Sunni
Cost: $50
Materials to bring: A notebook for taking notes
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All class participants receive 20% off total purchase from Yellow Bird Fabrics, the day of the class, class fee excluded
Yellow Bird Fabrics is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah
 988 East 3300 South
(801) 466-3110