I've been blogging for several years now and I tend to get inquiries about a lot of the same things so I put together this page to help answer some of those questions.

Where did you learn to sew?
I first learned to sew in middle school home economics class. We were all required to take home-ec (even the boys) and we all had to learn how to sew a pillow case. I went on to take sewing classes in high school. From high school I went into a rigorous performance arts degree program at the University of Utah. Once I finished, I picked up the needle and thread again, found a very supportive and wonderful online community of sewing enthusiasts and also found that I'm an avid reader of anything sewing related, including very boring textbooks. It's a passion and one that I am still trying to cultivate.

Do you teach sewing? Will you teach me?
I've taught sewing in the past, but currently I work full-time and sew for myself in my time off. Generally I feel that I don't ever get enough time to sew and so with my time already limited I just don't have time to teach sewing these days. I suggest taking some online courses. Craftsy is a great starting point and you can learn a host of things from reading blogs and searching for sewing tutorials.

If I'm new to sewing, what should my first sewing project be?
It depends on what type of sewing you want to do. My true passion lies in garment construction because quite frankly, the types of clothes I want to have can only be had if I sew them. And I love clothes. So, if you are wanting to get into making your own clothes too, start with a pullover top that has no closures (like buttons or zippers). Move onto an A-line skirt from there. A-line skirts are easy to fit, easy to sew and hem and will challenge you just a little with a zipper insertion. Want a little bit of help and guidance? Follow along with the Ginger Skirt sewalong which is geared towards beginning sewers.

What happened to your shop/store?
I always had dreams of owning my own business and I worked for several years trying to make that happen. It did happen and in my hey-day I owned a full fledged brick and mortar store that was dedicated to selling fine apparel fabrics, notions and sewing classes to help you learn how to sew your own clothing better. Owning a small business can be really hard though and it brings out things in your personality that you didn't even know were there. Additionally, it can be a strain on your relationships because your life becomes completely wrapped up in taking care of business. It is hard to trust that the next person you work with will help you or that your next big break is just around the corner. In the end, for me, a lot of these different hats of owning a business ended up killing my desire to keep going with it, so I closed down my store and my online shop and decided to go back to a desk job where I really do only work 40 hours a week (instead of 80+). I'm at peace with that old dream and have found that now, I would like to be better at what I do professionally and keep sewing as my own little creative world apart from these things.

What sewing machine do you have?
I am currently sewing on a Pfaff Performance 5.0. It is a phenomenal machine and one that is great for apparel sewing. I am over the moon with IDT. I serge on a Juki MO655. Its an awesome serger and since I'm a girl who likes to take the easy way out, I'm totally into finishing my seams with a serger. I also own a Janome Coverpro 900CPX coverstitch machine because I really really wanted one and I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with hemming knits on my sewing machine.
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