I’m emailed nearly everyday – which is lovely – but many times I’m emailed the same question over and over and so I thought I would try to answer many of those here:

I’m looking for the beltmaking kits you sell? Where are they, I can’t seem to find them?
Beltmaking supplies have become very hard to source and so, unfortunately, I was unable to keep them going. They are no longer available through my shop and I don’t have any really great resources to point you in the direction of. Try your luck on Etsy or Ebay for original vintage ones.

Who designs your blog?
I do. Everything you see here, really is, the work of my own two hands, unless I state otherwise. This blog is a 3rd party hosted (through Blue Host) WordPress site and I use the ProPhoto theme. I know next to nothing about developing a website and have gotten my feet wet doing a few things here on the ole blog – but I am not a designer, by any stretch!

Where do you get/find your fabrics?
First, let’s say that I’m a fabric hoarder lover. I adore fabrics. Running them through my fingers at the fabric store just makes my hair stand up. So if you too are a fabric-aholic – you’ll find fabric nearly anywhere. I find fabrics in a lot of places. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and do a good part of my fabric hunting here locally. I also work at a local fabric shop where I have access to oodles of gorgeous apparel fabrics – Yellow Bird Fabrics! To get a handle on the apparel fabric scene in SLC, have a look at this post. I also shop online. Some of my favorite haunts include:
Gorgeous Fabrics – beautiful, beautiful fabrics
Mood Fabrics – whenever I’m in need of a certain solid color of silk (any weave) I usually purchase here
Super Buzzy – sweet and adorable japanese cottons
Fabric Mart – great deals on amazing designer fabric leftovers
Thai Silks – amazing silk prints!
B & J Fabrics – looking for Chanel style boucle – start here!
Fabric Tales – really luscious japanese fabrics, straight from Japan
Hart’s Fabric – I LOVE the knit selection here
Lowpricefabrics.com – great knits and amazing prices on Liberty of London cotton lawn
Emma One Sock – Truly lovely, unique and beautiful fabrics
Fabric & Trimmings – a little goldmine of an Etsy shop, seriously some of the most amazing fabric I have ever bought came from here

Where did you learn to sew?
I first learned in middle school home ec class. We were all required to take home ec (even the boys) and we all had to learn how to sew a pillow case. I went on to take sewing classes in high school. From high school I went into a rigorous performance arts degree from the University of Utah. Once I finished, I picked up the needle and thread again, found a very supportive and wonderful online community of sewers and also found that I’m an avid reader of anything sewing related, including very boring textbooks. It’s a passion and one that I am still trying to cultivate.

Do you teach sewing? Will you teach me?
At this time, I am unable to teach as I keep up with the duties of my little fabric store. But we do offer classes! Please take a look here.

If I’m new to sewing, what should my first sewing project be?
It depends on what type of sewing you want to do. My true passion lies in garment construction because quite frankly, the types of clothes I want to have can only be had if I sew them. And I love clothes. So, if you are wanting to get into making your own clothes too, start with an A-line skirt or a t-shirt. A-line skirts are easy to fit, easy to sew and hem and will challenge you just a little with a zipper insertion. Want a little bit of help and guidance? Follow along with the Ginger Skirt sewalong which is geared towards beginning sewers. T-shirts are also very fun and easy to make, they don’t require a closure and working with knits is very very forgiving on fit. Looking for a good pattern? Try out the Renfrew!

Is that your real hair color?
Yes. I have the fair skin and freckled knees and elbows to prove it too.

How did you start your shop? What program do you use for your shop website?
The story of my shop is a long one. I’ve always had dreams of having my own little business and being a “proprietress.” I started selling on Etsy in 2008 and at that point I was selling aprons and crafty items. After a year or so, I found that sewing aprons was not my true calling and so I closed my Etsy shop for awhile. One night, just before I fell asleep, I had the idea that I should open a shop dedicated to hard to find sewing tools and supplies. I started by selling my very own handmade tailor’s hams and seams rolls – and they were a sensation! Having found my true passion – selling items that dealt with garment construction – everything clicked and here I am. I moved from Etsy to my own store site in May/June-ish of 2011 and currently, I host my own shop through Big Cartel – an amazing e-commerce platform dedicated to smaller online shops. Currently, I’m not stocking my own tailor’s hams and seam rolls, but there are so many other supplies that every sewer can use. Hop on over and take a look!

What sewing machine do you have?
I sew on a Bernina Activa 230. Its simply marvelous. I’ve tried many machines since I purchased my Bernina and really, none of them compare. I serge on a Babylock Lauren. Its a decent serger and since I’m a girl who likes to take the easy way out, I’m totally into finishing my seams with a serger. I also own a Janome Coverpro 900CPX coverstitch machine because I really really wanted one and I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with hemming knits on my sewing machine.

Can I sponsor your blog or give you ads to place in your sidebar?
At this time, I do not accept sponsorship on my blog. I’m a very busy lady and the amount of time upkeeping a sponsorship agreement here on the blog just won’t work.

Have more questions? Drop me a line at sunni@afashionablestitch.com