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The most awesome concept I’ve ever come up with – making clothes that I actually wear.


Everyday Wardrobe: Defined Aesthetic

Here’s an interesting discussion. And its one that I truly have been struggling with ever since I startedClick here to view the full post »


No Cheetahs Were Harmed in the Making of this Outfit

Here is my second Everyday Wardrobe experiment. The NWG or Never Worn Garment here is this fuchsia skirt. You mayClick here to view the full post »


Everyday Wardrobe Feedback

I read each and every comment on this blog and I enjoy all of them too. I really do get so much insight from yourClick here to view the full post »


Testing the Waters

When I first started thinking about the Everyday Wardrobe several weeks ago, I decided to test out my strategy withClick here to view the full post »


the Everyday Wardrobe: Game Plan

As it happens, this whole Everyday Wardrobe thing came about as I was sewing whilst at home. I was stitching at myClick here to view the full post »


the Everyday Wardrobe

I’ve been playing around with knits a whole bunch lately. After my swimsuit, I think I finally realized thatClick here to view the full post »