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There comes a time in every young gal’s life, when she must, indeed, do something about her apartment situation.


Handmade Holiday: Pillowcases

When this time of year comes around, I’m always at a loss about whether or not I should make something for giftsClick here to view the full post »


the Way Sewing Used to be

This is the tiniest peek into my sewing room today. One of these days, I should show you the whole joint. Not becauseClick here to view the full post »


an Aside to Monday’s Sofa Slipcover

Friends, Thank You for your very kind words about my sofa slipcover! I’m so happy with it I could cry. It’sClick here to view the full post »


and Now for Something Completely Different

I’m not one who delves into home dec much. Not necessarily because I don’t take pleasure in sewing up orClick here to view the full post »



Last week my mojo was feeling off. Life felt a little cramped. Walls felt closer, spaces felt smaller. This kind ofClick here to view the full post »


The Making of an American Quilt

Speaking of quilting…one of my favorite films of all time is How To Make An American Quilt. Read the book too.Click here to view the full post »


How to beautify your nest of dreamzzzz….

As promised, here is something for you from my recently beautified bedroom. These shams were inspired by aClick here to view the full post »


A Well Made Bed

It is with pleasure that I bring you….my finished nest of dreams. Yes, indeed I did finish this project, whichClick here to view the full post »