July 25, 2016

Made: Ginger Jeans

Happy Summer y'all! I know it's been a looooong time since I posted. While I'm not one for apologizing for my whereabouts, it has been since (hello!) November. After closing up my physical and online store, I kind of morphed back into this thing called real life. The part where you go back to square one, get a job and get back in the saddle of mainstream Americana living. So I did that. Then the mister and I decided to move to a smallish country town (where I did all of my growing up as a child and teen). We've been here for few months now and we've been becoming acquainted with how life is lived in a small town. Mind you I was a teenage kid when I left this sagebrush. It's a fairly different experience, this living in a small town now. We're enjoying the good parts and remembering how denial works over the bad parts.

For some time, I've been waffling over whether or not to blog again. There are many of parts of blogging that I don't miss, but then there's the part that I really want to be apart of again - namely reviewing sewing patterns and just talking sewing in general. I get so much from reading blogs that still do this and I enjoy getting excited over seeing someone conquer a pattern, try out different patterns companies or products, tell us all where they purchased this or that fabric, tips and tricks, etc. This is the part of blogging that makes it worth it to me. So here I am, back at it again.

Before I move onto my version of the Ginger Jeans, please note that I am in the process of switching back to the Blogger platform. There's been some problems while doing this and right now I'm in the middle of uploading all of my old photos and reworking all of my old links, so if you're seeing missing images and the links within my blog aren't going anywhere, please bear with me. I'm working on it - slowly, but surely. Now, let's get back to the chatter of sewing! Yay!
These are the Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans. For the longest time I've put off making jeans for myself. I make jeans all the time for Mr. AFS, but when it comes to myself, I would rather huck myself off a cliff sew something else than make jeans. Jeans aren't necessarily hard, but they are a little hard on my sewing machine(s) depending on the thickness of the denim. I've made enough to pairs to know by now. And I loathe dealing with the topstitching thread. It's just kind of a love/hate situation. I love having good jeans that fit me, but sewing them is not as fun as other things in my humble opinion.
My weight has fluctuated some in the last several months and well, I ain't as thin as I was when I was stressed to the nines and running an online store and a brick and mortar store. A lot of my wardrobe has been feeling really snug lately. I feel I wear a tailored, fitted look as it is, so too much weight fluctuation and I feel like tight and uncomfortable. Note to self: make some more clothing that has a little more give. I've needed new jeans so bad for awhile now. I bought a lousy pair and can't even wear them I hate them so badly. So one day, I pulled out my copy of the Ginger pattern and just went ahead and cut my size out of some stretch denim that I had in the stash.
These turned out better than I could have hoped for. There are a few fitting issues that I need to address in the next pair, but I'm very impressed with the fit on my particular body straight from the envelope. I cut a size 10 and added 1" seam allowances to the inseam, outseam and top edge of the waist (the pants, not the waistband) just in case I needed extra for adjusting. I didn't use any of the excess on the inseam and outseam, but decided to go with the higher rise in the pants that came from the 1" seam allowance there because it felt good at the time.
Next time, I'm going to deepen the curve of the bum - I have a pretty low hanging bum and there are more wrinkles at the bottom of my bum than I prefer. I would prefer zero wrinkles there, but for such a snug fit in a stretch jean, I feel that's probably next to impossible, but by golly we'll try to get rid of them! For the first time ever, I'm experiencing a bit of leg twist in a pair of pants. To combat that, I feel that the inseam is set much too forward for me and I'm going to move it 1 - 1 1/2" toward the back. Additionally, I'll move the outseam forward by about an inch.  The front rise is a little on the high side after all is said and done and I'll lower that just a smidge (like 1/2"). I'm feeling pretty good about this pattern on the first try. I should have known given that I didn't have to alter the Carolyn PJ pant at all! For the most part, they do seem like they were drafted especially for my lower half. Click here, for my full pattern review of these jeans.
Have you tried the Ginger Jean? Do you sew your own jeans?
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