November 5, 2015

Sewing Secrets: Tools for Beginners

I recently wrapped up teaching a Beginner Sewing Class at my local university and it gave me a ton of ideas on my favorite tools for beginning sewists. It's nice to know that there are things out there that others have tried and think you should try to (because they are just better and make your sewing experience easier). So here goes - please chime in, in the comments with your tips on your favorite tools:

Glass head silk pins. My favorites are put out by Clover and have red and white heads. Why are these a thing? The heads make life so much easier. You can grab them and jab them into anything without hurting your fingers (hello awful headless pins!). And I say silk pins because as a beginner you may not know that there are many many different types of pins. Silk pins or they are sometimes called sharps, basically pin into anything because they are extra sharp and fine for pinning into silk. The Clover ones aren't too long, they don't bend too easily, you can use them in knits (which can be hard to pin sometimes) and when you iron over them, the heads don't melt. So worth it.

Magnetic pincushion. I'm a serious Clover crusher and my favorite is again, put out by Clover. It's the Magnetic Pin Caddy and the magnet is nice and strong. I know it's incredibly tempting to use a really cute old fashioned stuffed pincushion. The magnetic ones are not as cute, I'll grant you. But what they lack in aesthetic, they more than make up for in ease of use. Get one of these and you won't have to worry about your pins being strewn all over your workspace and pushed onto the floor where you might find one stuck in your foot later. Just sayin is all. These make sewing way, way faster.

A good pair of shears/scissors. Or a good quality rotary cutter - whichever you prefer for cutting. I use a pair of Kai shears that I love to death. But being the sewist that I am, I have several pairs of Ginghers too and both are great scissor options. Invest in a pair and when they get a little dull, go get them sharpened. A good pair of shears will last you the rest of your sewing days - as long as you don't go and cut rocks with them! Same with a good rotary cutter. I have a Kai for that too and I haven't needed to change the blade in 3 years - it's seriously that awesome!

Good thread. It's a small thing, but good thread is a must. This is what holds your garment together! You really do get what you pay for and if you buy cheap thread, chances are high that it's crap thread too. And please - do not use your grandmother's hand me down thread! Thread has a shelf life because it can rot. My favorite thread is Metrosene all purpose polyester thread, but Gutermann and Coats and Clark also put out great threads and these are all pretty easy to get your hands on at either Joann or Hancock. Don't do the discount thread. It's discounted for a reason.

Invest in a nice set of hand sewing needles. I love these self-threading Clover ones. You hold a piece of thread over the top, click the thread into place and voila! the needle is easily threaded. Seriously, these are marvelous. They come in a handy set of lengths and weights and make easy work of hand sewing. Especially if you're prone to continually de-threading your needle while you're sewing.

Change out your machine needle after every two or three projects, and/or change it out according to the needs of your fabric. There are different sized needles out there for your machine and it's worth changing out often. My favorites are the microtex or sharps needles put out by Schmetz or a company called Klasse. These guys are extra sharp and work wonderfully on the majority of fabrics.

Last, but not least, get yourself a good iron. My best tip is to get a vintage steam iron. General Electric ones are grand (got mine off ebay, but etsy is a good place to look too). I work with one of these and have done so for the past 3 years. My guy has never given me fit, is hotter than you can even imagine (oh la la), always has steam for me, does not have auto-off (which is great if you're a sewer) and is heavy. Good grief, I wish he was my boyfriend! I love my iron!

So what are your favorite tools? Was there a specific tool when you started sewing that was the best thing since sliced bread? Do share!
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