August 11, 2015

Sewing Secrets, part 1st

I've been working on some nice and well, rather uneventful sewing projects lately. I thought it worth highlighting some great tools/articles/information I've been using as of late. I just love anything and everything that can make my sewing life easier and my end result more professional. Seriously, a tailor's ham is a girl's best friend. The right shears/cutting tools make you feel like getting up in the morning. Having the right iron is like having that one best friend that will never, ever tell any of your secrets to another living soul - even if they were tortured! What better way to celebrate these small daily sewing spots than to pass the tips along to you!

Have you tried this stuff? It's like crack for ironing addicts. It's like way way way better than starch (and I am a starch lovin kind of gal and no, don't you dare question my age!!!)! Mary Ellen, whoever you are, you've won my heart with your Best Press. It can only receive a glowing commendation from me.

Tanya Whelan came out with this lovely book a bit ago. I have been relishing it as a bit of a treasure because I love how it teaches you how to manipulate/draft patterns to be something else instead of reinventing the wheel with trying to fit yet another pattern. And she gives you a basic pattern to start with as a base. So you'll fit the one pattern and then guess what? You can manipulate the pattern to be the other dresses in the book and those will fit you too! Y'all know how much I love this idea. It's like smart and stuff.

Since I've been playing around with doing some of the above from Tanya's book recently, I've also had the chance to use this little guy. Claire's Curve Runner is pretty amazing. So clever. It's so nice to be able to measure a curve without having to break out the measuring tape. Claire is kickstarting a business, so I think it's only apropos that she gets some help. Small business is not for the faint of heart, as I've told you before. And these clever tools she's got are worth every penny. Do go and give her some support.

I am not a Pellon enthusiast. But, I will say that this lite tear away stabilizer is absolutely amazing for buttonholes. I doubt that you'll need it for all buttonholes, but when it comes to working with fine shirtings that tend to be on the thinner side, this makes all the difference. The buttonholes on my machine tend to bunch up and pucker. Well, no more! No more! I use this stuff on the underside as I stitch a buttonhole onto my garment and then voila - I tear the excess away! They end up looking marvelous.

And I can finally let the cat out of the bag on this collaboration. I'm excited to be apart of the Sewing Party this year. Even better, I got a new friend. My Pfaff's got a way with pretty much everything. Gorgeous buttonholes (speaking of), beautiful stitching, topstitches through granite, has a clever little ant stitch, has a giant free arm space (love this so much) and has more gadgets and gizmos than I even know what to do with. Those Pfaff Performance 5.0's are in a league of their own. I'm loving mine! Promise: a full run down later on. I'm sure you'll want to know all the dirty deets on this guy in the pic. Oh and don't miss my post on how to line an easy skirt, aka the Hollyburn Skirt - my favorite!

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