March 4, 2015


What are we on here? Numero 7? Yup, you guessed it. This is another Hollyburn skirt. (And for those of you just joining me, the Hollyburn is a most beloved skirt sewing pattern put out by Sewaholic).

I'll not sport too much with your intelligence about this make. It's wool crepe - one of our lovely springy colors, which have been marked down in the sale section and of which there is only a bit more left (our online store is now closed)! Who knew the bright aqua would be so exciting? Yowza. This one is shorter and as per, fully lined.

I had to do a polka dot top again. Who knew that my rapidly growing button-up collection looked so cute tied at the waist with this skirt? Loving this look, which I'll have you know, I've never sported before.

Now for some meat and potatoes. I had plans to make this skirt in this wool crepe anyway, but after a fairly harrowing button-up shirt for Mr. AFS, this got pushed directly to the top. It's one of my TNT's (tried and true pattern) and it's a definite sew-jo inducer. I cut this out one day and sewed it up the next - well, all except the hem. I let that hang for a few days. From there I jumped right back on the sew-jo wagon and got to work on another button-up for myself and then cut out a tweed dress, which has been reduced to a pencil skirt, but more on that another time.

I decided a few things after this make. First, all projects must be finished - I am no longer going to do UFOs. Second, when a pretty hard sewjo killing project is over, it's time to whip out a sewjo inducing TNT. At first I thought, well, that's not going to be very fun, I don't have that many TNTs. When I started looking around, surprisingly, I have MANY TNTs. I have 3 skirt patterns, a button-up shirt, a pair of slacks, jeans, a jacket, a sheath dress and a t-shirt. That's a wardrobe right there, if I'm not mistaken. Third, after every sewing project is completed, my personal sewing room must be cleaned up and made ready for another project. I don't know about you, but when I sew in a really, really messy room, I tend to get nothing done because I keep looking forlornly at the mess and wondering what to do!

Last, but not least on my efforts to keep my sew-jo alive, I've decided to start creating lists of projects to complete and get ready for. I love the scheming part of sewing, but more often than not, the scheming is where it ends because I forget. So I've decided to employ a list of inspirations and also a list of my next sewing project plans. This helps me plan better and from there, I create more outfits instead of white elephants.

What do you do to keep your sew-jo around? Tips and tricks?
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