January 19, 2015


Confession time! You know that I love gorgeous fabric right? I really do. I have this funny thing I do though. I'll buy a piece of fabric - a really knock-out piece - and then I won't use it. I save it. And this year, I was like, we are not going to be doing this anymore! I'm TIRED of saving things. And excuse me, but what in the world am I saving my fabric for? The day I become perfect? I know, this is weird. When I really sit and think about what I'm saving my fabric for, I can't even find a logical answer to this question.

Another confession. I LOVE fine cotton lawn/voile (by the way, I have no idea what the difference between these two are, there doesn't seem to be one). I have a pretty good stash of Liberty of London Lawn and these new Art Gallery Voiles. I had been saving this rather loud Art Gallery Voile for well, I don't know. It was one of those fabrics. It's time, and it's been time for some time (ha ha!), to get with the program and start making some things with all this saved fabric.

As someone who has never been able to find an abundance of button-up shirts that fit, making one's own shirts is a major win. In point of fact, who even knew that I liked button-up shirts until I made one that fit me and didn't feel like a straight jacket?! As someone who absolutely loves loud flower prints and has longed for a closetful of such printed button-up shirts, being able to beautifully fit, sew and choose my fabric (from my own stash!) is dreamy. Dare I even say, luxurious.

This is another McCall's 6649 - and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a few more of these colorful button-ups as the year progresses. In fact I can guarantee it. I've got the pattern perfected now. I'm excited to start hacking it. Very excited. One of the reasons I think this pattern is so great is because it has all the darts - two front and two back vertical darts for fit and shaping and also bust darts. The reason this is so great is because there is so much that can be manipulated - to create new designs - when all the darts are present. I have some fun ideas to share with you for future hacks for this pattern and I hope you'll find that once you've mastered fit and perfected a basic pattern, you can start creating your own patterns instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every time you want to sew a different style. Plus I'm starting to get really overwhelmed with all of the amassing of not only fabric, but sewing patterns. I need another sewing pattern like a hole in the head. It's starting to get nuts (like I just don't have room for all of this nor the time to make them all!). Maybe 2015 is the year I start getting real with myself. What about you?

I was most definitely saving this fabric choice. I love it so much. I left off the front vertical darts on this particular shirt, just to change it up. I've actually made up this pattern a couple of times and after tweaking it several times over, I'm feeling confident that I finally hit the gold mine.  I used a contrasting fabric (the stripe) for the cuff and collar stand facing and also the sleeve placket. I love doing this! Love it! I also think I did a pretty good button picking job - the hardest part for me! I didn't want anything that was too loud, too big or competed for attention.

Are you a shirt lover? Do you save fabric? I find that the classic shirt is a very, very satisfying sew. I use many of the techniques from David Coffin's book on the subject and I've also amassed a few old Thread's articles that are pretty clever too. This shirt, it's one for the books - I finally used up a beloved fabric piece and now, I'm wearing it. Loud and proud.
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