January 7, 2015

Hollyburn Take 5 & 6

Back in November, I made this Hollyburn with this luscious dark mustard wool crepe that we had in the online shop (sold out fairly quickly!). This color for me, is like one of the 8 wonders of the world. This and chartreuse, which I find closely related to this color, so naturally I'm all over this color like white on rice. I do love it so.

I took enough for this skirt and then I'm also considering a dress or some pants with the leftover. We'll see which one wins out for the last of the fabric. But anyway, its been sometime since I made a Hollyburn. My last rendition of this skirt was worn to a raveling. It just goes with everything so well. The shape is beautifully swingy in the wool crepe here. And then there's the pocket thing, which I absolutely and utterly adore. Perfect pockets, perfect, easy shape. A TNT for me, for sure.

And then I got a little lusty for this Hunter Green Wool Crepe from the shop too (still available for your info). So I took a bit home and cut out another Hollyburn. And of course, this has all got me thinking about yet another rendition for Spring - in one of our new wool crepe colors (hello bright cheery colors)!!!!!!!!!! Possibly much much shorter on the skirt length here! Oh la la! I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath for that!

I've made this skirt a few times - when it was formerly just the skirt portion of the Lonsdale dress. When I made the Lonsdale dress a few years ago, I was completely taken with the skirt portion and from there made a few. I couldn't find my beloved pattern this time around (who ever said anything about keeping a clean and organized stash???) and so I opted to just use a Hollyburn pattern which I had on hand. I made a couple of changes - created a contoured waistband, added a lining to both skirts and separated the pocket facing from the pocket lining. Really nothing mind blowing, though I plan to show you how to do a lining for a skirt like this in a few weeks as I still work my way through the Working with Wool series.

You'll notice I'm in keeping with the working with wool trend! Yay! I should definitely win some extra points for that, I think - which have already been translated into a Dr. Pepper - drinking as I type! Yess! I thought you might like to see wool crepe in garment form. Again, this is one of my favorite wool textiles. It works so well in a myriad of garment options. The lovely drape and swing work so well for a skirt, yet wool crepe looks fabulous in a structured trouser as in here. If I haven't convinced you of the loveliness of wool crepe yet, there will be more opportunities coming up for me to do so, I'm sure.

So who's ready to join my wool crepe Hollyburn train? huh?
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