December 22, 2014

a Look Back on 2014

Before we start looking ahead to the new year - and I can't even tell you how excited I am for 2015 and the new things we have planned! - I thought I would reflect back on this past year and tell you a bit of biggish news that is happening in my life. More often than not I try to keep as much highly personal emotion out of my blog as possible, meaning, I try to keep the negative silenced here and only focus on the positive. This has been the hardest year for that. I've been through a lot, both professionally and personally, during the course of 2014.

I have learned that owning a business is not an overnight sensation - meaning you're not instantly a great business owner just because you own your own business. It draws heavily on both your strengths and preys equally on your weaknesses. It illuminates weak spots in your character and in your life. You also learn so much about yourself as a business owner. I've had to answer some really tough questions this year. I have also come to realize the importance of truly following your heart, even when it means closing the door on an old dream.

And here is where one chapter closes. The mister and I have decided to close the storefront portion of A Fashionable Stitch. We are doing this in favor of something else that is to come (much more on this soon, I promise). I personally, have found that I'm not a shop girl. More to the point, I really don't dig working (or owning) retail. After an entire year of trying to suppress this inner truth it was time to let it out, let it be known and also re-design my vision of my future. You should know that this won't affect the online shop (the online shop is now closed) - we're still going to be selling fabric, notions and supplies there. Yes, the online store is still a thing and we have some really exciting new things lined up for it this year! (I'm so excited to tell you about it!!!) But my brick and mortar storefront is being put to rest (a positively morbid thought when I really think about). As of today, we're closing the doors on our retail fabric storefront. We have something new and exciting planned to take over in the same brick and mortar space beginning in January.

I'm not sad. Well, OK, fine. Maybe a very small part of me is sad because I've wanted to be a shop owner for so long and I got to and I found out that it's just not me and so, a small part of me is a little melancholy. But more than anything, I'm relieved. My soul is letting out a long, year long, sigh right now as I type. For the first time, in a year, I feel positive. That feels really, really good and dare I say, on the right track for future things. Here's to you 2014 and the many wonders and self knowledge you have unlocked. I'm glad 2015 is just around the bend.

And before the holiday gets away from us, the mister and I wish you a very merry on your holiday this year. Thank you all for reading my blog. It means so much to me! I hope I inspire and help you out on your sewing journey. I do so love this interaction! All my best wishes to you and yours this season!
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