September 29, 2014

Made: That Touch of..... Fleece!

I whipped this top out over the weekend. OK, actually to say whipped out is a pretty strong word since I've been down flat with the flu ilk. I've been pumping some serious vitamins and telling myself over and over that I'm going to be OK enough to work, but alas, this week that rotten little bug got the better of me. So I finally had to give in and let myself have a few days rest. Doing much better now, thank you very much - though I sound worse!
Anyway, now that we've taken that field trip, let's discuss my top. Oh my goodness! This is a Skippy. Toni from Make it Perfect emailed me a little over a month ago and asked if I would be willing to participate in a blog tour for her new pattern. As she was so complimentary about being a fan of my blog, how could I refuse? An introduction that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship, or something to that effect. Oscar Wilde anyone? So Toni sent me Skippy and made me promise to post a creation by the end of September. Ah, procrastination + sick ilk, I love you so! As you see its now October. I may always be late, but I'm worth the wait (wink, wink). And yes, my dry wit has gone up a notch with the comin and goin of this here flu bug.

I had splurged on this piece of organic cotton fleece from Fabric Worm. They carry this Birch Organic cotton fleece. This stuff is fairly expensive being a whopping $26/yard (though its on sale now!). But I'll have you know that this fleece is lovely. Really really. Now, if you're thinking fleece, I have to say I always think about the mountains that they seem to have at Hancock Fabrics these days. Wow. That's a lot of fleece. Polyester fleece. This is not that. This is the fleece that your 30 year old (favorite) sweatshirt used to be made out of minus the organic part, of course. It's extra plush and I'm a personal fan of the earthy colors they've got going on. Lovely textile.
I had a hard time thinking about what to do for Skippy. I contemplated the dress for a bit, but then my heart really wanted a nice cozy top. Then I spotted this fleece taking up way too much room in the stash and knew it had to be done. I was distraught about what to do to spice up this mushroom brown color though. I mean, talk about boring. The color is lovely, but come on! We need some pop here. Then I remembered scheming with my sewing cohort Juliette about a Garnet Hill sweater that she was bent on recreating. She made her version and I knew that I had to make one too! This is the same lace that Juliette used. It's a nice, washable cotton lace. Makes a great textural statement on this sweater, dontcha think? And it adds a little sophistication to something that could have turned out particularly drab, sad and overly prone to be overlooked and never worn. To say that I'm a little more than pleased with this lovely make would put it mildly (I've worn it for the past three days to prove it too!). Loving the end result! Yay!
I made some alterations for Skippy to make it workable with this fleece. Thing with fleece is that while it has some stretch, it doesn't have the same as a jersey knit. So I made a size larger than what my measurements said and then I made it a little boxier too. I used a different sleeve pattern (from my favorite tee pattern) so that I didn't have to de-puff the cap. With the fleece, I think this was a good option as I look rather ridiculous in puff sleeves, but with thick puffy sleeves that could have gone bad real fast. Other than that, nothing else was altered. Next time around I'm considering deepening the armhole just because it was a little snug in the fleece. Would work just fine in a jersey though, so that's something to think about if you make one.

Well! That wraps up my straggling September. So excited for October I'm pinching myself just to make sure that its really here. Yay! Are you ready for sweater weather? Give Skippy a try! One has the almost insatiable desire to "skip" whilst wearing it.


  1. Nice! Yup. And worth the wait. I love mixing lace with fleece, very on trend right now.

  2. I think I need a lace, fleece jumper in my life! I have been travelling and haven't had a chance to comment on any blogs (commenting through blogreader on my phone? Fuggedaboutit), but now that I have the chance I just wanted to say: WELCOME BACK! Totally unrequested 2c chime in, but I love hearing about your shop, I love that you can share it here, and I love seeing your beautiful face (and pixie cut) on my screen again xox

  3. Lace over fleece adds class!

  4. What a great combo! I love the colour and the lace just takes the whole thing up a notch. I love it!
    Hope your flu goes away fast!

  5. Sunni, I just want to say that I am so glad you are blogging again!! I always enjoy your posts and I am glad you are feeling better and are enjoying this again. Also, this sweatshirt is really cute! I think the lace is a really fun touch.

  6. I want one! Comfy fleece, dressed up with lace. So nice that its a bit more fitted. and the tighter sleeve is perfect too. Congrats on the success of your store.

  7. I don't think I have ever seen a sweatshirt I wanted more. This is beautiful. I want one!

  8. I reaaaally like this. looks so comfy, cozy and cute.

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