June 24, 2014

Carpet Jacket

I haven't been sewing for a few weeks now. Well, I've tried to sew a couple of t-shirts and just found myself going, "meh...." and not being fulfilled in any way. So I thought to myself, "Now Miss Sunni, you've been feeling rather badly about yourself and life lately, so get out of this rut and make that thing that you know will help. A jacket." Yes, even in my positive self affirmations I can be rather shallow. But it's times like these when a girl needs a something she can turn to, that she does well, and gives her a spot of delight. Tailoring a jacket is a most welcome and much needed delight at present. So a jacket - just when its about to turn very warm out - it is.

With that, we recently acquired this rather thick cotton tapestry looking fabric in the shop. Has a southwestern inspired motif to it and the coloring was just perfect - for me. One of our regular customers came in just the other day and there we sat, just oogling it. And it was then that it hit me that the jacket I need to make for my shallow heart delight needed to be made from this rather amazing textile.

You know, its an interesting thing to be talking about making a something in a time of, well, need. I'm craving my old creative happy-go-lucky self and she's been missing-in-action (serious action too) and just needs a bit of a boost that really can only come from within. It really could be anything if it wasn't sewing too. Painting a picture, writing a piece of music (yes, Mr. AFS, that one's for you), writing down a really good story, planting a garden, etc. I've just been needing something that will make me feel like I've got a bit of my old magic back. Ever felt that way before? The ability to create something, from very start to very finish, and then wear it, gives one the most unbelievable sense of worth. And worth is something that I need to focus on feeling, because for reals, I am worth it.

Have you turned to sewing - or some other creative vocation - when you are in distress? Tell me some of your feel goods about sewing, because right now, that's what I totally need and want to hear. Wish me luck. This jacket is most definitely a true labor of love - for myself.
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