May 15, 2014

mr. afs riveted....

The mister and I have been spending some intense quality time together lately. Yeah, intense is definitely the word here. It's a good thing, not to worry, because we've really needed it. Whilst spending so much time together, I began to take notice of some needs. I'm one of those lucky gals whose husband rarely asks her for anything - in so many words - but as I look at the state of his wardrobe lately, I know he could use a little help from a girl like me. Enter now, Mr. AFS in new jeans! Yay! Keep your wigs on ladies, this man is taken and so are those jeans!

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and I have been taught all of my life the value of how to stretch a dollar. Doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality of any sort, it just more or less means that you've got to start diggin in to what you got. I have a rather substantial stash (and a fabric store, ha ha) and I've got the skills, and in these days of struggle and strife I've been turning to that stash and noticing an abundance of not just fabric, but supplies, patterns and more! Sometimes it really is the little things - or in this case a bigger thing - that can help bring a smile to your face. I've been a hoardin denim like they stopped making it. I had several cuts of denim for the mister to dig through and decide on which he liked and wanted. He made an eye for this particular wash/color denim and then I made him cough up a pair of old standby jeans that I could take a pattern from.

After copying those suckers, I made up a muslin, just to test the fit and make sure we were where he wanted to be. Easy as pie really. Mr. AFS, rather sweetly and with just a tad bit of pride said that he had absolutely no idea how I do such things. Sigh.... That man. After the muslin was fitted, with a just a few minor tweaks, I set off to make him some jeans he would actually wear. He wanted them distressed. Ugh. I mean, its not hard really, just time consuming. But I did it. I used sandpaper for the distressing and it worked like a charm. Once I had things well on their way, the mister said he wanted some color somewhere. Something he said about his coat too. So I threw in some red topstitching with the regular old denim topstitching.

He's been wearing these puppies for about a week now. Loves em so much, he won't take them off and let me wash them! Now that's a good feeling! Ha ha!

And speaking of, I need to make myself a pair of jeans pretty soon here too. Ah jeans! The holy grail right? What's not to love about a good pair of old standbys?
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