March 31, 2014

Something Splendid

Though we specialize in fine apparel fabric at the store front shop, we have a wide variety of customers who do things other than make apparel with our fabrics. Its actually really refreshing to see because it expands the mind and gives pause to other creative outlets to pursue and even incorporate into apparel sewing - I mean, at least this is what it does for me.

I've known that piecing something in silk dupioni or shantung would be gorgeous, I just didn't realize how gorgeous until I saw the whole thing put together in a really creative, exciting and colorful way. Tina Lewis, who is a contributor to Stitch Magazine and who also lives here in Utah, dropped by to show us what she's done with some of our fabric. Enter now: a pieced clutch.

Is this so fun or what? Makes me what to make my own! I love this! I wish you could see it in person too, because its even more exciting as I stand here taking photos of it. This was one of Tina's contributions to Stitch Magazine this time around and so if you too are interested in creating your own clutch like this (from fabulous silk dupioni or shantung!!!) you need to go buy yourself up a copy of the mag.

Do you sew something other than apparel? If so, what? I'm loving the versatility of a bright and happy clutch like this. Doing it out of something other than quilting cotton is even more exciting - not that quilting cotton is bad, its just fun to see that envelope pushed a little, you know. What do you think?
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