February 3, 2014


This is my first entry into the Project Sewn competition. The theme for this particular week was fashion icon. I mulled over this one for a whole month, not knowing what to do and finally, when I did start sewing, things took their own turn. A turn, I'm happy to say, ended up working. I chose Katharine Hepburn as my icon and before you say, "You're outfit doesn't look anything like Katharine Hepburn," let me explain. I chose Katharine because of her tendency to sport menswear and its one that I've found myself favoring a lot in the past year or so (ever since the pixie cut). I look good in masculine type cuts, yet with lots of splashes of femininity. This ensemble? Case in point.

The opportunity to create a small mini wardrobe from this competition has been soooooooooooo fun. One of those "aha" moments where you finally get the point of what it means to create a wardrobe - that's what its been like for me. This first entry incorporates so many details that are well, so much apart of my daily uniform. Pants/trousers (a must for a gal on the go like me), one hell of a jacket and a lovely little top. I'm finding more and more that jackets are my thing. Good gravy, I love a good jacket! I created a rub-off pattern from my favorite jacket of all time for this one! For the most part, since this was the first time making up the pattern, I opted to go with the details of the original jacket. Except the pocket - had to do something a little bit different there and I added bound buttonholes. The interesting thing about this jacket is that the body is comprised of 3 main pieces - jacket front, side and back whereas usually most jackets are comprised of more pieces. The fit is perfect for me, the whole reason I rubbed off a pattern from the original. PERFECT! The jacket was fusibly tailored and took a good chunk of my time frame, but I'm so happy with it I could shout for joy, which is exactly what I did! I also have to add that this green texturized wool - it loved being tailored. Seriously, loved it. Ate it up.

The pants are my Burda 7447 (sadly out of print now, AAACCKKK!). A TNT (tried and true pattern). I made a few more tweaks from the last time I made it - admittedly, it takes a few times to get all the kinks out of a pattern. Love these though. Made from a plain weave navy wool suiting from my shop. This wool has some pretty lovely drape and they look so nice as pants. So nice. I realized something about pants and me and this is good because I've needed to realize this for some time now. Originally, I was planning to knock off Katharine Hepburn's wide legged men's trousers. I created a pattern from my TNT and I'm finally coming to the realization that I really really don't like the way wide legged trousers look on me (or it could be that I just haven't found a pattern that I feel flatters me). I don't look long and lean and swanky. I look doudy and frumpy and blah. I have stumpy legs. I've always known this. And tapered (yes, I just typed tapered!) trousers look good on me. Oh. my. goodness. Did I just admit that my mom's 80's trousers look good on me? Why yes. Yes I did. Fully lined in bemberg rayon, these lovelies are pretty much pj's to wear. Sigh.

My top is just a simple shell made from Newlook 6483 and tops are well, a new thing that I really need to get in the habit of making more of. I don't have enough tops and I don't make enough tops. And there is a huge, deep and dark void in my closet and if I'm honest, a good portion of my wardrobe doesn't get worn because I have no tops to go with the things I make. The interesting part about this top is that it was the hardest part of this particular outfit. I don't know about you, but bias bound edges are not my friend. Oh my gosh! I hate bias binding so much (at least when done in silk charmeuse)! However, the top really does complete this outfit giving it instant fun and color. Pulls the whole thing together in a pretty brilliant way. I used a silk crepe from Mood and underlined the blouse and bias bound the neckline and armholes in silk charmeuse from my shop.

Don't know if you noticed, but in the past year I didn't share a lot of makes. I was doing a lot of soul searching and finding a style that captures my personality. Sure it's not original, but this look gives you a much more.... authentic representation of myself than I've ever really given here before. Knowing what looks good on me, what feels good on me and how I like to express my personality through my dress has been a real eye opening experience in the past year. And that, in and of itself, really feels good. I've loved where this journey is taking me.

Now, hop on over to Project Sewn and vote for your favorite creation - and I do mean favorite, because you know, my creation may not be your favorite and that's A. OK. I'm just loving the challenge to create a fresh wardrobe of things that I'll actually wear, on a daily basis. However, this is not to say that I wouldn't love your vote, because I really, really would. Enjoy friends. Now off to put the finishing touches on something pink!
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