August 13, 2013

Plaid Jacket Chronicles: Planning the Plaid

Hip Hip Hooray! We are finally to the stage of making final decisions about planning the jacket. In this video, I'll be showing you how I went about planning my jacket. Its kind of lengthy, but I feel that I'm giving you a ton of info and ideas here for how to plan a jacket of your own.

Plaid Jacket Chronicles: Planning the Plaid Jacket from Sunni Standing on Vimeo.

A few key points to get from this video: Identify the three main pieces of the jacket which are the jacket front, jacket back and the upper sleeve and visualize the "T" shape in the pattern. The video goes more in depth with this and explains it a lot better, so definitely give it a watch. These are the first pieces that you'll cut and hence the most important. I'll be going over how to prep your pattern, layout and cutting in upcoming episodes, but just know that utilizing those three main pieces will make your life so much easier.
From these three main pieces, the other pieces will be matched and cut. This sounds so much harder than it really is so I'm going to show you my fast and dirty way to do this!

Think about where you want the dominant stripe to be placed whether that be along the center front/center back or along the bust/shoulder blade line. Remember that the front and back should mirror each other so if you put the dominant stripe along the bust line in the front, it should match along the corresponding shoulder blade line in the back.

Use bias pieces to your advantage. Keep in mind that when working with unbalanced plaids, the bias won't create perfect chevrons which may affect whether or not you choose to utilize this idea. Also keep in mind that bias pieces should mirror each other so that if one side front is cut on the bias the other side with be a perfect mirror image.

Use a solid color throughout your jacket. Splashes of solid color help to break up a plaid to soften the strong look of such a bold garment. I mention several ideas for utilizing this idea.

Alrighty! I hope you enjoy this edition of the Plaid Jacket Chronicles. More to come! Yay!

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