May 27, 2013

Leopard Twist

It seems like foreva since I shared a sewing project with you. Shame on me! I would love to just say, "I've been busy" which, though true is actually not the real reason. Lately, I've felt kind of insecure about my sewing ability. It has more or less to do with my own inner critic and really, its just plain old ridiculous. I've decided its time to be over that sort of thing. Seriously. Moving right along...

This is the endless wonder that is Vogue 1027. It is such an amazing dress. On my last trip to Joann, they were having a pattern sale. Vogue patterns were $3.99 and so I decided to flip through the pattern book and see if there was a pattern that I didn't yet own needed. I saw this Donna Karen dress and thought, "If ever there was a time that I needed a knit dress in my life, that time is now." So I grabbed it right up in my size. Then I went home and got on Pattern Review and read the myriad reviews on this pattern. Even though I do find the Pattern Review site rather hard to navigate, I always do this because the information from sewers like me and you is just so invaluable. I definitely need to be better about reviewing sewing patterns on there because I find so much great information on that site. Anyway, I found that this pattern runs rather large. Actually, I find that with all the knitwear patterns put out by the Big 4 but that is a discussion for another time. After reading many of the reviews, I decided to go down 2 sizes. Perfect fit.

Not surprising since this is a knit dress, but you know, still. Makes me feel like the queen of everything. I made only a couple of small changes to the final dress. I decided to do a contrasting knit band for the neckline - used the selvedge of my fabric for this. I did this to make this version look a little sportier, you know, more everyday wearable. I also decided on a high- low hem (or a mullet hem if you will), a very popular trend for the past year or so and one that I've been really liking myself. Makes me feel kind of modern....

This dress pattern is very well engineered. It has in seam pockets - normally something I abhore - but they extend up into the waistline in this really nifty way and so they don't flop about idiotically when you have something like your credit card or keys in them. Definitely a cue that many other patterns - including those for wovens - could take a lesson from. Also there is an elastic waistline stay in it. At first I was doubting that I would even need this, but actually it creates less tension on the bodice which is about the only thing carrying that heavy skirt.

The fabric here is from (I love this online fabric store) and its a rayon/spandex 4 way stretch knit. Its so amazingly comfortable. Oiy! Pajama dress more like. And at $5 a yard - what is not to love? Admittedly I'm not normally a knit dress sort of girl. Whenever I've tried them on in stores, I find the knit to be extremely thin, very clingy and it looks like something my washer would chew up in a second. So its really refreshing to find such an easy alternative to knit dresses. Additionally, if you get an all over print fabric, this hides a multitude of sins, not the least of which is wrinkles.

I always say this, but I think I'm going to make one more of these dresses. I've already got the plan in mind and even the fabric, so I just need to cut it out and sew it up. I'll keep you posted on that front. Here's to the summer that's just ahead!
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