April 16, 2013


I wanted to give a little blurb today about a notion that I used in my Craftsy class - fusible web. There are many different brands of fusible web and in my zipper class you'll notice that I used the Steam-a-Seam variety. Having received a lot of questions about this product, both on the platform and more in my email, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it some. Let me give you a little bit of a back story first.

Last year I purchased a Thread's Insider pass (totally worth it by the way) and I found that there were all these videos on Industry Secrets by Louise Cutting. I've become a HUGE fan of Louise (she's a genius!) and would love to one day attend one of her workshops because I think she just has so many great secrets and she goes about making things easy and fast instead of always trying to convert you to the long way of doing something. In one of the video sessions she talked about fusible web and how its one of those tools that she never lives without. Then I used it and I was converted! Seriously, this stuff has sooooooo many uses and I can't even believe that for so long I discounted its existence. So let's talk about what it is and a few myths that surround this product, shall we? Oh yes, we shall.

Fusible web is a temporary baster. This means that you can use it to temporarily baste anything in place. This can take the place of basting something by hand and I say "can" because there are times that you might want to baste by hand (but I pretty much don't anymore, ha!). I use this product to temporarily baste the centered, slot seam zipper in place in my Craftsy class. Can I just say that for years I never used this zipper application because I felt that it was the hardest zipper application to get looking good. I dare you to take this zipper application out of your bag of tricks and try to get those topstitching lines perfectly even on each side of the zipper without the use of the fusible web. Wait, let me up that ante - do it without having to rip it out at least once or 5 times. Yeah. It's really, stupidly hard. Really really. Then I was asked to do the Craftsy class and then they were like "we'll need to do that centered slot seam zipper, ya know" and I was like "of course." Inside I was quaking in my boots. Then I remembered the fusible web and the problem was solved! Temporarily baste that sucker in place and ha! The hardest zipper application is now the easiest and I've been using it all over the place lately. Plus you don't have to hand baste it in place and end up getting threads caught in your topstitching that won't come out or getting screwed up because your basting lines aren't straight but yet your topstitching lines are supposed to be. Yup, I'm not a fan of hand basting this sucker in, if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, there have been a few questions that have arisen from my use of this product on the Craftsy platform. So let's chat about some of those too.

Myth: Fusible web will gum up your needle.
Fact: No, it won't. Take my word for it because I actually use it! Ha! And I use it all the time. 100% NO GUMMING!

Myth: Fusible web can leave permanent web and gum on your fabric.
Fact: It doesn't leave gum on your fabric and its not permanent really in any way. It's temporary. You can even peel it off your fabric if you need to move something somewhere else - like a zipper. I've even used it on silk. Plus, unless you're using this product the way that you're not supposed to, you won't be able to see where you've applied it anyway. Whenever and wherever you use fusible web, just know that its temporary and you need to permanently stitch it in place later on down the road. Plus, to add better to best, you can use the Wash Away Wonder Tape and yeah, it actually washes away after the first use.

With that friends, I've since tried new brands of this fusible web: the Clover fusible web and Wonder Tape by Collins. The Clover brand works just like Steam-a-Seam, but I like it better because the tape that you pull away is just well easier to pull away. The Wonder Tape is just as awesome and doesn't need steam or heat to set and it washes away, like I just said upstairs there. Slap it on your project, peel off the tape and temporarily baste whatever in place. Voila!

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you some of my favorite applications of this product and hopefully you'll be converted too! Thoughts on fusible web anyone? Are you a convert yet?
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