March 6, 2013

the Myth that is Perfect Fit

image source - note that the image says just right, not perfect

I was teaching a class on fit just last night and I had an awesome bunch of ladies who were just great. We had a lot of fun. There was a moment in the class when I made the claim that there is no such thing as perfect fit. One of the ladies in the class disagreed with me stating that, "there is such a thing as perfect fit, but for many of us it is unattainable." Now, I don't mean to put anyone up on the chopping block and I certainly think that everyone has a right to their own view, but as someone who has fit and overfit myself many times and has fit many others of various body shapes and sizes, I absolutely can not agree. I do not believe in perfect fit - even if it did exist, at what cost does it come?

This is not to say that there is no such thing as bad fit - there is. Especially when it comes at the cost of our comfort, which I believe should be the first call to order. If something is not comfortable, in the way that it should be comfortable (note: strapless gowns will never feel like pajamas so let's not go there) then something needs to be done to the fit to make it feel better. For myself this includes a broad upper back adjustment so that I can put my arms in front of me without pain in the sleeve. Does that make sense?

This is also not to say that there isn't such a thing as good or great fit - there is and its worth your time to get a book or two on how to fit your body. I've seen plenty of garments that have absolutely wonderful fit and I don't usually notice flaws in the fit unless I'm looking for them. And even then, usually if there is a flaw in the fit I only notice because someone points it out ie: the person who stitched it. After looking at yourself in the mirror a bazillion times and trying on the garment at several stages and all that jazz who wouldn't notice every single wrinkle and fitting imperfection?

Aspiring to perfect fit is absolutely crazy - and it will make you crazy too. Ask me how I know - seriously because I could give you volumes as to why this is soooooo maddening! Aspire to fit your garments well, not perfectly. Let things slide that really don't add to the overall fitting quality of the garment or especially if its not that big of a deal and you can't for the life of you figure out how to fix it. Here's a quote from one of my favorite authors that really puts the cap on perfectionism, in any form, for me:

"Once a close friend gave me a priceless gift. She convinced me that my sanity is much more important than the subtle nuances that I adore. The subtle nuances are the essence of perfection. The subtle nuances trigger the "Ah" response. But a life spent seeking the subtle nuances leaves little time to enjoy the big picture."
---Sarah Ban Breathnach

Instead of seeking the subtle nuance of perfect fit, just make yourself some great clothes and stop haggling with your sanity over the price of tea in China, I mean a wrinkle here or there.

What do you think? Is perfect fit attainable? Do you drive yourself bonkers with trying to achieve perfect fit? Jump in - this conversation is all about your opinion! Maybe you don't agree with me - you have the right! I want to hear why.
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