January 14, 2013

Study in Scarlet

Here is my second pair of Burda 7447.

Here's a quick and dirty fact list for you:

Pattern: Burda 7447
Fabric: Red Wool Gabardine, from Yellow Bird Fabrics
Lining: Deep Purple Rayon Bemberg Lining (Yellow Bird Fabrics)
Facings & Pockets: Plaid Cotton Voile (Yellow Bird Fabrics)
Pattern Changes: Cropped the length and this time added a button flap to the right back pocket

I love these pants. Actually, I just love pants. I now have 4 pairs of pants in my closet and I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to be filling that hole. I've already worn my coral pair several times and each time I just keep thinking, "Gosh, I just love pants!" I know, I'm silly. Whatevs. I'm loving this pants journey quite a bit.

Wanna talk shop for a minute? Alright. These pants ended up being snugger than my coral wool crepe pair. Why is that? Well, the weave of the fabric is tighter and so overall, this pair just ends up holding its shape better. I thought you might find that interesting only because these are the exact same pair and they almost look like I purposefully took them in when I didn't. Still, they're totally comfortable.

If you're looking to make yourself several pairs of pants, in wool no less, and want to line them and they have a fly front, then you can not live without this book. Easy Guide to Linings is definitely one of those books that I can say without any reservation every garment sewer should have. I can't even tell you the amount of questions I get about lining garments - this book solves all those problems. You want to know different and better ways to line a garment, get this book. It's the definitive reference on the subject and it doesn't disappoint. I use it ALL the time!

I added that little pocket flap to one of the pockets in the back - pretty cute right? Also, I used a cotton voile in the pockets and waistband facing. This made the pocket not peek out like they do in my coral pair. Also topstitched the pocket in place too, so that helps. There is one more thing that I need to fix on this pants pattern and from there I think I've got a perfect TNT pattern. I have at least one more pair planned for this season - one in grey - and possibly one in green. We'll see. Also, just in case you were interested, this is that same top from this post - I wear this thing all the time. Its so ridiculously easy to draft and make - you guys want a tutorial?

I was also thinking about putting together a resource list for everyone on where to find the best information for fitting and constructing pants. Would y'all be interested in that sort of thing? Knowing really is half the battle and sometimes its a matter of knowing where to look for info.

In haircut news, I'm LOVING LOVING LOVING my new do. Thanks so much for all your of sweet comments about my hair and about my personal style journey - there were some really really wonderful comments on that front.

Well, that's a wrap! Do you lust after brightly colored pants? I did for so long and now, look! I've got 2 pairs! Yay!
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