January 9, 2013

Pixie Dust

I think this has been a long time in coming for me, but I decided to whack off my hair. It was time for a change and I've been feeling the need for something completely different for awhile now. So here's to a new year and a new do, right! I LOVE my haircut! In my early 20s I did a shortish-pixie cut like this and well, now its time to bring it back.

This brings me to another point. Over the Christmas break, I got caught up on some blog reading and such and found this completely awesome interview done with Sallieoh. I love Sallieoh's style and sartorial penchant and this particular response really rang true to me:

"I often find that anything too sweet or girly just doesn’t look quite right on me. As much as I love demure little peter pan collars and bows and puffed sleeves and dainty little prints on others – it just looks all wrong on me. Like I’m a 40 year old, hard-living, street-walking woman playing the Lolita. Just kidding. Not really.

I think it took me a little while to figure out that a vintage or rockabilly look was not my friend – which was a bit of a letdown because I generally love the look on others. But once I figured it out it was like a huge liberation! I don’t have to dress that way! I can dress alllll these other ways!

I think this is also where knowing your own body comes into play too. There are certain silhouettes that just aren’t particularly becoming on me. I’m so over trying to beat myself into somebody else’s shape so I can wear a certain type of clothing (if that makes sense) I’d rather just skip the drama and focus on what I know is flattering. And usually it involves something that doesn’t make me feel bad about my 3pm chocolate fix or my love of bread."

I've been kind of grappling with this one for awhile, but I too have found that a lot of vintage and rockabilly styles just aren't my style. I too love the look on others and really wish I felt like I was comfortable in my own skin when I wear stuff like that, but I'm not. I too look silly in peter pan collars and puffy sleeves and bows (I know this from many failed muslins and personal makes that just never get worn). I feel its interesting to point these things out because for quite awhile there (like the past year and a half), I kind of just felt like I was trying to impersonate someone else's version of personal style instead of embracing my own. This also led to a general feeling of.... less. Like I was somehow less because I couldn't do my hair in a victory roll (I have seriously fine/thin hair and when I do any type of updo it looks like I have no hair left!) or wear poufy skirts without looking like I was in costume. And no, this is not what I think of when I see someone else wearing these types of styles, its just a problem I have with how it looks on me.

And you know what? That's OK, because as Sallieoh says - "I can dress allllll these other ways!" And I can and I intend to.

Whewwwwwwww! I am soooooo glad that is all off my chest now!

You guys, I'm seriously diggin my new cut. I know the pixie cut isn't for everybody, but for me, its solved like a ton of issues with my hair. For starters the fine/thin issue. Leena, a lady I work with, even told me that my hair just looked too thin for long hair - she totally approves of my spontaneous haircut! I feel like a rockstar! Yay! And now, I feel like I'm in my own skin - Thanks Sallieoh! You are a total enabler and inspiration!

Cheers everyone! Here's to my new do and a new year full of personal style journeys!
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