Everyday Wardrobe: Defined Aesthetic

Here’s an interesting discussion. And its one that I truly have been struggling with ever since I started blogging back in 2007. Defining a specific style. That’s the crux of it right there. Since I’ve started returning my life to some sort of normal since getting back from the sewing events I was involved in for the past few months, I’ve really started to ponder what this means to me and if I want to fully embrace a defined aesthetic or not. Let me expound a little more on what I mean.

What do I mean by defined aesthetic or specific style? I mean dressing a certain way all the time, everyday. Incorporating all elements in my wardrobe to define a certain type of look. For example, when I think of bloggers who have a very defined aesthetic I think of Gertie and Casey. There are many more, but these two always pop into my head first because I’ve met them both in real life and because they really do wear the aesthetic they espouse on their blogs. They have an awesome wardrobe and they seem to wear and make those things that not only play into their vintage style and aesthetic but completely coincide with their personality. They are through and through vintage with a touch of a modern edge. I love it. I love seeing what they come up with next and I love that even though you expect a certain thing from them, they still surprise you by the ingenuity they have through their personal creative style. It’s very inspiring.

There are lots of defined aesthetics out there – a term that caught my eye from Already Pretty. These two articles in particular (here and here) were very interesting and I love seeing different sorts of defined aesthetics out there. Punk Rock, Goth, Ivy League Chic, Minimalism, etc….

I’ve decided that I’m much more of a dabbler. I do love vintage but I like taking a certain silhouette from a certain era here and there and making it more modern and a lot less costumey and stand out. I want to stand out, but not in that way. I like mixing and matching different styles and colors to create a colorful, yet classic and eclectic look. I have an affinity for prints and styles that are somewhat traditionally masculine – I’m mad for plaids of all sorts, I LOVE loafers and trousers and button up shirts. I totally dig Ivy League Chic styles but find that I don’t want to always look that part either. I like to try new things, but I also know that I’ve found a happier medium through which my personal style runs and I like to think that instead of having a defined outside aesthetic, I’ve created my own aesthetic that speaks to me personally.

I’ve been mulling over defined aesthetics for awhile now and thought it would be fun to hear what you have to say about this topic. I think for many, this type of dressing makes wardrobing – creating actual outfits – a ton easier. In fact, I would say that it makes it a lot easier. I find that when I decide that I want to take a Never Worn Garment (NWG) and create an outfit from it, its a lot easier to wardrobe with a certain defined style in mind however it does not mean that I want that same defined style for all outfits that come from this single garment. What do you think? Do ascribe to a defined aesthetic? Does it help you wardrobe your closet better or easier?

Let’s discuss!

  • Catherine Daze - I strive to have a defined aesthetic although I don’t always succeed. It makes getting dressed in the mornings much easier! I do sometimes get distracted by pretty styles that don’t fit with the rest of my wardrobe. But sometimes that leads to discovering something new that I like, so it’s not all bad. And I’m lucky in that I work in an environment where I could wear a garbage bag to work and no one would object (or even notice…) so I can experiment quite safely. Might be very different if I worked somewhere more corporate.
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  • Laurie H - I just discovered you- referred over because I mentioned in my blog that finding a belt kit was not as easy as marching in to your local fabric store anymore – and am reading with much interest I must say! New to blogging, but sewing for most of my life, I am finding that reading blogs can be educational and fun. Anyway- I have been pondering the SAME question. I LOVE Vintage looks too but really don’t have an aesthetic … I actually tend to venture out in to several – a little bit of vintage, that fab 50′s look and the silhouettes of the 20′s… And some of the looks I see in the fashion Mags – I want to incorporate them all and ask myself what i FEEL like wearing each day… I don’t think I could stick to one but admire those that do! – I’ll be popping over regularly to read! Nice to meet you Sunni! – Laurie (Ps- Now off to find those belt kits!)ReplyCancel

  • Alessa - I’m totally a dabbler, too! :) I understand the reasoning that it’s easier to get dressed in the morning with a defined aesthetic, but honestly, I like dressing up and trying out new looks better.
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