Teacher, Teacher

Tonight will be my first official night teaching a class. I’m so excited I could cry – well to be totally truthful, I screamed when I was asked which was by email so at least I wasn’t freaking anyone out. Crazy enough, I’ll be teaching at the little local fabric shop that I always talk about – Yellow Bird Fabrics. I know, I know. This is totally crazy! My first few courses are being offered multiple times this month and include some topics I’m rather keen on – Beltmaking and Drafting and Building the Perfect Pencil Skirt. I’m very excited to spread my passion onto others in person. I do it all the time here on the blog, but being in the presence of someone is truly exhilarating and being in the presence of fellow sewers is almost more than I think I can handle (meant totally in a good way)! Anyway, if you live here in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, hop on over to the Yellow Bird Fabrics blog and have a gander at the classes I’m teaching – as well as a couple of other courses taught by a cutie named Sheridan!