Winter Coat for My Man: Finish Line

Drum roll please. Here it is! The COAT! The finished coat and its on my man and he loves it. It’s a pretty handsome coat, if I do say so myself. We were able to get outside yesterday and snap a few photos and lookey here, it even snowed so the backdrop couldn’t have been more perfect. The coat itself has been finished since last Tuesday. Shawn has been able to wear it a few times and he said that its a really nice and warm coat. He says he feels good in it. Its a close fit and keeps the cold out. He loves the pocket placement, he loves being able to sink his hands right down into the front of the coat comfortably and he says the inside pockets are wonderful. He’s pretty impressed with the hood and though at first he didn’t really like the aesthetic of being able to tighten it up, ultimately he’s really glad I included it because it really keeps the heat trapped inside. Though my mister likes to look good, he likes functionality even more and he’s definitely one of those types that would purchase 7 of the same suit, that looked good on him, and wear the same thing every day of the week because he doesn’t want to be bothered with thinking about stuff like that.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever made to date – beats the sofa slipcover by a landslide. The slipcover was only hard because it was sooooo big. This coat was different. I could talk til I’m blue in the face about tailoring techniques and how much I’ve learned about them and read about them, but actually employing them on a jacket or coat is a completely different story. I used several tailoring techniques on this coat – stabilized the center back seam, shoulder, front facing and zipper area, created a back stay, added shoulder pads, interlined the lining, added welt pockets, and stabilized the hem on both the coat and the sleeve. I used fusible interfacing instead of a sew-in and really really learned my lesson on testing interfacing on the actual cloth before sewing it together because after I had sewn several interfaced parts together, I found that the interfacing didn’t really like to adhere to the fabric very well. Unfortunately it seemed more due to the fabric itself as I tried several high quality interfacings and all kept peeling off after a bit. Still, I trudged on.

I’m actually really surprised that I finished the coat, to be honest. It’s a direct result of that crafty monogamy soapbox I got on awhile ago. That seriously works. Like, really. I was absolutely determined not to let my attention divert to another project and I’ve found that it really, truly increases sewing productivity. I think I just found my New Year’s Resolution!

As a round-up, I decided that it would be helpful if I included all the posts that I’ve written on a project in the final project’s post. So here’s a handy dandy reference to all the posts on this coat, in order of course:
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What do y’all think? Like it? Ever made anything for your significant other?

  • Missy - It’s amazing! Such a handsome coat :) ReplyCancel

  • kathy - Not only is this an amazing hand sewn garment, I think it is the most handsome man’s coat I have ever seen. Love every detail; fabric choice, closures, pockets, hood, buttons. It’s all fabulous and looks incredible on your man. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Royer - Magnificent! Your talent never ceases to amaze me Sunni!ReplyCancel

  • abby - Wow! This coat is amazing! David says it looks very distinguished and I agree. It looks beautiful on him. Nice job!ReplyCancel

  • Abby - I haven’t really made any clothing item for David, but I have come home and caught him in the dirty little act of hijacking my sewing machine for his own evil purposes….haha!ReplyCancel

  • Ariana - What a gorgeous coat, such great style and wonderful stitching. Congrats on a job well done.ReplyCancel

  • Becky - Sunni, this is the BOMB! I am so impressed. No, I have never made anything like this for anyone. It’s very handsome, and your man must be thinking you are pretty great right about now.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - This was amazing already, but on the actual owner and muse, it really shines!! Your hubby looks absolutely smashing in his amazing coat, and the little pops of colour really make it special – wonderful, wonderful job! So inspiring!! ^__^
    Amanda recently posted..Colette Anise: My First Jacket!ReplyCancel

  • Keriann - wow! it looks fantastic!!

  • Alaskapsych - Coat looks fantastic, Sunni! I have never sewn for my “current” man. My previous man received several lovely items from my sewing machine including many years of alterations. When he first started working, he was required to wear a tie to work. We were dirt poor and so I went to garage sales and purchased a bazillion extremely wide ties that had just gone out of fashion and narrowed them to the current fashion. He had the best tie wardrobe of any guy around!

    My husband, Walter, is a wonderful guy and I should sew for him. He’s a clothes horse and would love it. I’m just a little insecure about my sewing skills since I have only recently returned after about a 10 year hiatus.ReplyCancel

  • elise - The coat is very dapper,and looks well tailored and fits beautifully on your very fashionable husband.

    How wonderfully talented you are !

    Best Wishes for a lovely holiday to you and yours,

  • Houseofpinheiro - Is a amazing …. Well doneReplyCancel

  • SANDRA - I love the coat. What a great idea. I like the use of the throat guard too. It provides a little extra protection from the icy air.ReplyCancel

  • mrsmole - I am adding your blog for nomination for an award…here is a link from my blog to yours:
    I enjoy following your blog and wish you a very successful sewing year of 2013! Love your man’s coat!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Winningham - Wow! This looks fantastic. I love all the detail – it makes it look so “designer” Great job!!ReplyCancel

  • Annie Sharkey - Great looking coat – well done an heirloom piece!ReplyCancel

  • Erica - What an incredible coat with some amazing detail. That is something I would expect to see in a magazine. The colors, the stitch work and fabric are wonderful
    Erica recently posted..Lacking inspirationReplyCancel

  • Teresa - I love this coat! It has such nice details. I found the book and see that the pattern sizes go up to a chest 41″. My husband has a 46″ chest. Do you think the patterns in this book could be graded to a 46″ chest easy enough?ReplyCancel