That Touch of Mink

I had an absolutely fabulous Christmas Vacation. Rest and relaxation as far as the eye can see! Granted I did try to get in some much needed work on the shop – Dressmaker’s Hams & Rolls are finally back in stock. Yay! I also did a ton of sewing. The weird thing being that it doesn’t look like I have very much to show for it.

My mom and sis were in town over my holiday vacation and we went out for a rather marvelous lunch and some thrifting at a most favorite local thrift shop. I found this sweet little vintage fur collar there and promptly took it home to amend. By the way, I’m quite sure this is not mink as I’ve had a mink stole before (the title of this post is just for fun) and the coloring and feel is much different. I’m not sure what sort of fur this is, but it is the real deal. The original lining was in rather sad shape so I unpicked the whole thing and started from scratch. I used Casey’s clever tutorial and came out with a rather stellar looking collar which I have been pairing with a jewel necked cardi I bought some time ago. Mr. S thinks this is utterly strange and finds fur collars to be a really “dated” look. Whenever I wear it about, he inquires why I would wear such a thing and proceeds to meow at me and pet the collar…

I thought I would bring up the topic here for discussion too. What do you think about real fur? Do you wear it? Would you wear it? I had told Mr. S that “at least it’s a vintage authentic fur and not one that was tanned today.” And he asked, “What’s the difference?” To which I’m positively stumped for a reply. I’ve never really been averse to authentic fur, at least when found in a thrift store. I had never actually sewn with any either and found myself curious about how it would measure up against other fabrics. What do you say? Yea or Nay?


  • bonita - ~ * ♥ * ~

    I love your collar Sunni ~ I think it’s pretty and to be perfectly honest, I have no problems wearing vintage fur ~ I actually wrote a post about it here:

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  • Tracey Wirth - Hey you changed your background! It looks great! Love the fur!ReplyCancel

  • Jayne - I miss my fur collar on my winter coat. I had it since I was in 8th grade (1970 ish) and it plain kept me warm during the Great Lakes winters. I would remove it from one coat to the next as the coats wore out; the fur collar kept on doing its job. If you’re looking to utilize resources efficiently, a vintage fur collar may be the way to go.
    I would agree that fur is one example of greed entering into yet another aspect of our (un)conscious living. I still miss the warmth of my fur collar.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I’m not quite sure how to feel about fur. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, but I love and own a fair bit of real leather. There’s something about the feel of real fur that weirds me out, but I love fun-fur, and don’t mind if it looks like the real thing. As with eating meet, I think I’ll leave it in the category of something I don’t do, but I’m not bothered by other people doing. To each their own, and everyone has their own moral standpoint that is just as valid to them as mine is to me.ReplyCancel

  • RB - IMO, I don’t think fur, vintage or otherwise, should be worn as fashion. Ditto for leather. I don’t think the fact that the animals were killed long ago makes it “okay.”

    As for “everyone who decries wearing fur needs to also become vegan,” etc., yeah, that would be nice if everyone stopped eating animals as well (I don’t anymore). But the fact is that people are full of conflicting ideas and beliefs. The person who points a finger and says “you’re not being consistent” is living in a glass house. We all have some cognitive dissonance. But trying to make some pro-animal choices is better than doing nothing. (IOW, while I’d prefer Project Runway to be leather-free as well as fur-free, I still appreciate the fur-free.)

    What I don’t accept, though, is the livelihood of aboriginal and non-native trappers being more important than the humane treatment of animals. Putting people out of work isn’t great, but continuing a cruel industry just to avoid unemployment is ludicrous. If that argument held water, we’d still have slavery in America.ReplyCancel

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