December 3, 2012

Sewing Library: Japanese Craft Books Cont.

Continuing on with my Sewing Library series, here is another one of my japanese craft books. This one has a few english subtitles scattered throughout the book and on the front the title is Stylish Dress Book. It’s one of my favorites, though I freely admit that I feel that many of the styles of dresses in the book tend to look the same. I also admit that though I love the shapes and composition of everything in the book, the styles probably would not look that great on my figure. I definitely need to try one though before I completely write it off – the plaid number a few photos down is my absolute favorite! Looks so incredibly comfortable and I can only imagine how much I would wear it if it was in a flannel. I'm a hick at heart, what can I say? Sigh….

I hope you enjoy these! The color compositions and photo styling are so wonderful I think. Lovely and modern with a whimsical twist. In a bit of other news, I've had a pretty swell time beefing up the blog over the weekend. I'm still chipping away at it bit by bit, but hop on over and tell me what you think of the layout. I really do love hearing your opinions as they are important when I plan big changes. Have a wonderful Monday!
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