October 23, 2012

Tried & True

I've been in a bit of slump lately. Actually, that's not quite true. I've been so busy that I haven't really had time to sew and the last few garments that I have sewn were wadders. Most likely because I had to "hit & miss" sew - sewing one seam one night, putting in a zipper 15 minutes before I have to be somewhere, not thinking when it comes to fabric and pattern design and such. As my obligations have finally started to slow down a little and I've found a bit more time to sew, I decided that I should start back with a tried and true pattern.
I know many of you have tried 'n' true patterns (TNT's) and lately, what with the Everyday Wardrobe and all, I've really been trying to reach for those patterns that I know will work for me and my shape. The skirt from the Lonsdale dress is one of these for me. I LOVE this skirt. This is the 5th time I've made it and it did not disappoint. For someone who walked into their sewing room only last week and thought "ugh..." this was a great pick-me-up sewing project. It's true, I need another skirt like a hole in my head, but sometimes you've got to feed the urge, ya know.
For this make, I picked a lightweight denim (something I picked up from Joann about a year ago) and I lined it in bemberg rayon (from Yellow Bird). The inner waistband and pocket lining was done in leftover Liberty of London cotton lawn (from a blouse I made awhile back and have been meaning to show you). I love using up every last bit of fabric like that! I topstitched the denim in a sliver/gray silk thread - I'm totally in love with this idea too because the topstitching isn't overwhelming. Sometimes that denim topstitching thread is just too much, so for a lighter option try some of that Gutermann silk thread which can be found at Joann. Even upholstery thread would do the trick.
Do you guys have any tried 'n' true patterns? What are they? I love the idea of these types of patterns. I love the idea of making several different looks from the same pattern by incorporating different elements too, like gathers, pleats or other design options. I've done a few things with this skirt pattern - added it to my shirt dress here and here and cut it on the bias here. So, here's to an old tried 'n' true and getting my sewing mojo back!

In other news, I made the top I'm wearing too. It's a modal knit that is just about heaven against my skin. Gosh it's so comfy. I'm going to be teaching some middle schoolers to sew - yes, the same as last year, except this year I only do it one day a week for 2 hours. And I've heard the kids are wayyyy awesome this year. I'm actually really excited about it and its definitely something that is much more manageable for me. So, I had to come up with some easy projects for them to do. This knit top was one of them. I don't know if you would believe it, but this is a box blouse with kimono sleeves and its seriously so easy to make and sooooo easy to draft. I think its such a tres chic style and I can't even tell you how in love with it I am. Truly! I'm going to tweak the fit a little bit and make only about a million more.
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