October 18, 2012

To the Manor Born

I think the only thing that would complete this outfit is a hunting rifle. Don't you? English countryside anyone? When I was a kid, my mom had a subscription to Victoria magazine. In fact, I'm quite sure she still has every back issue of that magazine because truly, it was a lovely little thing. I loved flipping through old issues and I especially loved how many redheads with fair and freckled skin were featured in the magazine as a whole. It was rather refreshing. As someone who was a tad self conscious about that, I learned to see my own beauty by looking at some of those wild haired and very english looking ladies. Not that you all needed a trip down my memory lane, but there you go. I feel a bit english today (this is not to say that I know anything of english life, except what I see on tv and read in magazines) and this outfit reminds me of some of those Victoria magazines.

This is the exact same skirt as my fuschia skirt just different fabric is all. It's a self drafted number which is the reason it fits so wonderfully and feels so comfortable. It was a shop sample for my Yellow Bird class, but I recently stole it home so that I could wear it. It's pretty lovely, if I do say so myself and I did a rather stellar job of matching the plaids. It's lined and has that little pocket on the front - which I applied by hand - and also features a petersham ribbon waistband. The fabric came from somewhere, but I honestly couldn't tell from where at this point. It's a bit old.

The cowl-necked top is the Renfrew, made out of a wool knit. The funny thing about this particular top is that I had it scrapped in my "I need to do something to fix this" pile and was intending to make it into a dress. When I put on my little plaid skirt, I immediately knew that this would be an ideal top to go with it. I think the reason I had it scrapped is because as I was cranking it out, I was wearing blue jeans and I kept trying it on and thinking it looked so drab and lifeless in addition to thinking it was a lot of navy blue for one person. Just goes to show ya that coordination can be key. The belt is also a self make, of course and well, there it is, readers.

I didn't actually do my Everyday Wardrobe bit with this outfit, but as you can see, the look itself is a little upscale, but I'm completely comfortable. Totally wearable all day long, which is exactly what I did. The weather has already turned chilly and this is just the thing for an October day out! And now, if you don't mind, I'm off to have a spot of tea and a crumpet.


PS ~ It's been crazy busy around here, so sorry for the radio silence. I think I'm finally back to my normal, quiet life. Maybe. We'll see, I guess. Have a lovely weekend Friends!
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