October 2, 2012


I recall typing earlier this year that I would be attending the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. Janet Pray (yes, the woman herself!) called me up and asked me to come and teach a few little classes there and I was only too happy to agree. Okay, Ok, I nearly fainted when she asked me, so I was only tooooo ecstatic to agree! The expo took place over this past weekend (I'm deathly tired, by the way) and it was AMAZING! I did a few presentations there, in addition to teaching short-ish and sweet classes in the Sew Cafe (a little make 'n' take lounge). I went and pitched my idea about the Everyday Wardrobe to several women, and guess what? It really got people excited! I have a really fun idea to share with you in the coming weeks that's about the Everyday Wardrobe, participation based of course, and I think you and I are going to set the world on fire with it! Really fun stuff here.

In addition to having a great time teaching and meeting insanely amazing women + huge GIANTS in the sewing world (I shook hands with Judy Neukam, Threads Editor, and Susan Khalje AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) I was rooming with Gertie! We shared a room last year in Florida and it was soooooo much fun to be roomies with her once again. I bought her book at the expo and she signed it for me and as I was reading through it and flipping through the fabulous pattern photos at the back, I found a little something on her resource page! She included A Fashionable Stitch shop in the resources section and on page 148! Thank you Gretchen - I'm thoroughly honored (blush, blush)! From what I've read of the book so far, I'm truly inspired! I'm loving all of the blouse patterns (total thinking Everyday Wardrobe gone vintage and a little upscale) and I might just have to break down and make the bomshell wiggle dress!

It goes without saying that I also spent wayyyyyyy too much money there. But truly, friends and cohorts in sewing crime, if you knew what I found, you could hardly blame me. I have to make you just a little bit green with envy, so here goes. I bought some really beautiful wools from Wool House which is a company based out of Toronto, Canada. I loved the selection and I couldn't help but flash winning smiles at Bob Moosa, the charmer who was working the booth. What makes fabric shopping more fun than just the fabric? It's the people selling you the fabric, folks. If sales people aren't supposed to be charming, who is? Bob is all about the charm. He knows his wools and his selection is really vast. You simply must call and get swatches - if only to talk to him! He'll make you feel like a million and you'll get some wonderful fabrics too!

The Material Girls had this really cute dobby-like cotton that I simply could not resist. A japanese print, it's just the ticket with these snaps I purchased from the Snap Source people. You guys every heard of the Snap Setter? I had heard about it before and was very interested in seeing a demonstration for it in person. For me, it did not disappoint. If you've ever tried to apply a snap to a blouse before - and I have - using the crummy Dritz plier tool is for the birds. Love snaps? Get this tool! So easy to use, so genius and they make every color and type of snap you could ever want plus they have varying sizes of snaps - a real bonus, in my opinion. Who doesn't want to make a button up shirt with snaps? This is totally Everyday Wardrobe approved! I'm planning to possibly carry this tool with selection of snaps in the future in the shop, so look for those in the nearish future.

Last stop, Mendel Goldberg Fabrics, based out of New York. If you only knew how long I've been looking for a Chanel style boucle, you would have stopped dead in your tracks, like I did, when I saw what this booth had to offer. You guys, this IS Chanel boucle, not just Chanel style. Yeah. I've wanted one of those Chanel jackets for forevah! I'm not going to lie and say this wasn't expensive, because it was, but I'm sooooooo in love with this fabric. As if it wasn't enough that I actually found my long lost boucle soul mate, Gertie and I went halvsies on this silk and cotton brocade. Sooooooo amazingly gorgeous! Mendel Goldberg also has a swatch service and because these types of fabrics are truly kind of a rare find, if you too, have had visions of a Chanel jacket lined in quilted silk charmeuse with a chain weighted hem whilst sleeping, you absolutely must call and get some swatches. The ladies running the booth were fabulous!

Shop Alert!
And because I didn't want to write an extra post about this, I thought I would just tack it onto the end of this one. Just soos ya know, I've just barely finished photographing and adding.................LAMBSWOOL to the shop! For those of you doing Gertie's Coat Sewalong or the Anise Sewalong, you might be interested in picking up some of this for added warmth. When this stuff finally came, I almost pinched myself because I couldn't actually believe that I was able to source it. I'm selling it in cream for now and I'll be getting it in black very soon too.

Eat your eyes out,
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