September 4, 2012

the Everyday Wardrobe

I've been playing around with knits a whole bunch lately. After my swimsuit, I think I finally realized that knits are a) really easy to sew and b) incredibly forgiving especially as concerns fit. Not only that, but knits are so easy to wear and move around in. I'm so in love with them. I've started to hoard knits like they are going out of style now and I'm very excited at the prospect of making pieces that look fabulous and make me feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. Working with knits has really had me analyzing the state of my wardrobe too. This summer, the thing I turned to wearing the most were shorts and t-shirts and I don't have many t-shirts or shorts, readers. I love the idea of always looking glamorous and stopping traffic, but in reality, my life is not glamorous and I have much less occasion to wear upscale clothing. Yet, this is what I tend to gravitate to when I'm thinking up a new project to make. So, on the off chance that I have a fabulous evening out with the mister to some upscale event - those are few and far between, mind you - I have nothing to wear in the everyday and I'm tired of it.

Still, this does not stop my desire to want to look chic and amazing in the everyday. No more going to the grocery store in sweats or half baked pyjamas! I've decided to start a movement. That's right. A bona fide movement. It's going to start with me being real with myself. I'm going to create an everyday wardrobe that has the ability to look amazing and flattering, yet also gives me free range of motion and the comfort I need to wear this wardrobe on an everyday level. In addition, I'm planning to spread this desire on to you. I'll be posting tutorials, giving tips and tricks, selecting, testing and rating sewing patterns and fabrics and interviewing the sewing community about this topic. We're going to have a lot of fun and we're going to learn together, how to make and create an everyday wardrobe.

So, if you too, are tired of slaving away making evening gowns and dresses with boned bodices and glamorous clothing that never gets worn, join me. The Everyday Wardrobe is about building that wardrobe that you can wear every. single. day. And feel good in, look good in and still move in. Are you with me here?

If you can bring yourself to believe it, I've already started this journey and I have a strategic plan on how it works and I'm seriously excited to share it with you. So excited I can barely breathe! Yay! So here's to the fall season ahead and a wearable, everyday wardrobe hereafter!

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