September 7, 2012

Everyday Wardrobe Feedback

I read each and every comment on this blog and I enjoy all of them too. I really do get so much insight from your thoughts left here. The Everyday Wardrobe idea and Game Plan has really received some amazing feedback and I just couldn't let today slip by until I had done a quick post highlighting some reader comments. Just in case you haven't had a chance to read what everyone has said, hop on over to the Everyday Wardrobe post or the Game Plan post and go through all of them. They are a treat! Here are but a few that really stuck out:

From the Everyday Wardrobe,
"Oh My Goodness. I AM IN.
Me made clothes that I will actually wear on a regular basis. ABSOLUTELY."

Nancy said,
"Well, I just love this new project. I’ve been sewing for about 45 years, and for some reason I stopped sewing knits about 15 years ago. Why? You’ve just reminded me that I have a wonderful stack of vintage Stretch-and-Sew patterns from the 80′s. I used to make those all the time with never a hitch, without a serger, mind you. I’m now a grandmother, and I spend most of my time in casual clothes. Time to take my faded, raggedy wardrobe up a couple of notches (or maybe more). Thanks, I’m in with you."

Jen said,
"Yes!!! This makes me so excited! I am SO all about sewing for your everyday wardrobe, I haven’t sewn a fancy dress since, well the wedding dresses I was hired to do, but for myself it’s been about 7 years. Why? Because I don’t wear them EVER! My new goal is to also start working with knits a bit more so go team knit. I can’t wait to see how this series unfolds, for real so excited!!"

Milena said,
"I love the idea of making the effort to sew things that will be on heavy rotation as opposed to things that are pretty but not extremely functional. I love wearing dresses, which is why I have a closet full of them and have made a few, but what I really, really need are pretty tops that I could wear with cropped pants or jeans for a casual vibe, or dress up under a skirt suit for work. I’ve been sketching at work and looking at J. Crew for inspiration on things to make, focusing on pretty tops.
I’ll still make dresses, of course."

Tasha said,
"I love the idea of this! I have been coming to terms with the fact that 3 days a week I work from home, and don’t have a zippy night life, so lots of the times I’m wearing jeans and a tank top. Not exactly high style. I’m looking forward to get some inspiration from your journey on how I can infuse some comfy+cute+stylish into my daily wardrobe."

Capecodnana said,
"YEAH!!!!! Finally…….How many of us really need all those fancy clothes. Let’s get real
people. Comfort with Class."

Angela M. said,
"Oh. My. Goodness. Perfect! As a stay-at-home mom, I live in casual wear… BUT… I am so tired of wearing the same couple of outfits all the time. To be comfy and stylish would be a dream come true, instead of feeling like a frumpy, middle-aged housewife. While I AM middle-aged and a housewife, I’d much rather get rid of the frumpy look and feeling. I know my hubby would be grateful also LOL!!"

From the Game Plan,
Debi said,
"Such a great post and a good reminder to sew up a mix-n-match wardrobe. For me the real killer of an outfit is the shoes (like you mentioned)…I really need to get some comfortable shoes. I also have a lot of slight mending to do…just little fiddly things that would make all the difference in the clothes I do have in my wardrobe!"

K-Line said,
"This is a genius idea! I love how you bring attention to the unworn, find a way to add it into the wardrobe and create new, highly wearable garments to go with it and to wear independently. Great methodology. Can’t wait to watch this series unfold."

Becky said,
"Since I am a very practical person, this really appeals to me. I love beautiful clothing, but I rarely wear “dress up” clothes. I am in capri pants and tee shirts almost all the time! But, it would be great to make capri pants and tee shirts that are to my taste and that fit my form well. That’s all it takes to make most of us feel “put together”, don’t you think? And, it makes us feel good about ourselves. Lead us forward, Sunni!"

fangaroni said,
"I think you are giving great advice, and I look forward to hearing more of it! I checked out my closet and I see a lot of orphans, mostly nice pieces that I never wear. I’ll follow along with transforming NWG to EWG, I think my first step= refashion a buttondown shirt to be less stuffy, maybe a sleeveless casual top. Also, what a true point about shoes!!! Thanks Sunni!"

Jane said,
"Great timing, I have just started doing something similar. I have a stash full of silks and instead of leaving them for special outfits I am starting to make them into everyday blouses etc. I firmly believe that beautiful fabric can be made to suit everyday wear and as someone with two small children I don’t have the opportunity to go out wearing special clothes so might as well make use of what I have."

Kathleen said,
"This is a great distillation – down to something I could actually wrap my head around too. I will definitely look forward to your progress, as my wardrobe quandary is similar: stuff I love that doesn’t really play well with others. I hope to work alongside you doing similar. Thank you!"

More food for thought from all of you! I hope you all are having a spectacular Friday! I know I am - I am dressed, feel great and about to head out the door to put in a few hours working with fabric at Yellow Bird.

Until next week, Loves!
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