July 2, 2012

On the Merits of Stay Tape

You know, I never used to believe in stay tape. I thought it was a bunch of malarkey. I was really into only doing stay stitching for awhile, but I've come around friends. Stay tape is miraculous. Well, it can be anyway. I think the biggest problem before was that I wasn't using fusible stay tape. That makes a big difference - seriously. I'm especially fond of this kind I've got in the shop. I use both types regularly. There's the straight stay tape - great for use on wovens in straight-ish seams that need a little extra pick me up - and there's also this knit stay tape - great for use in knits, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for curvy seam lines.

For my silk crepe wrap version of Simplicity 1880, I used the knit stay tape along the wrap front. Before I put this stuff down, my bodice front was stretching out like mad. After I put this stuff down, the front bodice doesn't stretch out along the seamline. Pretty nifty eh? I also used it in the sleeve hem too. Works like magic. In fact I'm pretty sure that there's magic in this stuff. Anyway, here's a short tute on how I use it.

Step 1 ~ Take your pattern and either measure the section you want stay-taped or line your stay tape up along it and cut out a piece.

Step 2 ~ Adhere the stay tape to the wrong side of the pattern piece that's been cut from the fabric. Give it a good spritz and use a press cloth and then press with your iron giving the section a good amount of steam. Make sure you've got the fusible side down on the fabric's wrong side. I totally know I'm not using a press cloth above, but that's cuz I like to give it a once more over after the press cloth adhering. Also, you can baste the stay tape down before pressing it into place, just so you know. That would give you double security of both a stay stitching line and stay tape!

Then you're done. Yup. And you don't have a bunch of stretched out seams all over the place. That's the best part of all. Done in no time flat.

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