July 30, 2012

Bathing Beauty

You know what I find crazy? The world of swim wear and its prices. Swim suits are always, notoriously, overpriced and blown WAAAAAY out of proportion. Dontcha think? And because of this fact, I've never, in my 30 years so far, owned a cute swim suit. I'm really trying to rack my brain for a time that there might have a been a cute swim suit in my life and I'm drawing a complete blank. I've been thinking about this alot too, so I feel that I'm pretty safe in saying that I've never owned a cute swim suit. Now that's all in the past. Enter the BurdaStyle Alison sewing pattern.

Yup. I jumped on this bandwagon. When this pattern was free (which sadly, its not now) I hurried and swapped it up. It is a PDF pattern, but it met my criteria of being free and under 25 pages (miracle!). I'm good with that. As per usual BurdaStyle style, this pattern is fabulous but has incredibly lousy instructions. I think its absolutely unreal that the instructions can go on and on about how to gather a piece of fabric but completely space out out by not adding instructions for how to finish the leg openings. This thing left me scratching my head in many parts.

I picked up this swim suit fabric from Yellow Bird a few months ago. Loved the color so much I simply could not pass it by. I purchased swim suit lining from Hancock's. And even though I didn't follow along with Dixie DIY's AMAZING swim suit sewalong, I did follow her advice on her hook-up with Sew Sassy elastic and bra cups. I highly recommend Sew Sassy too. Great prices, great service and lightening fast shipping.

I lined the entire swim suit and am very glad I did. It adds an extra element of protection and opacity and will definitely extend the life of the suit. I put elastics in the leg openings as per very purple person and I put bra cups in but didn't tack them down to anything and probably should have - definitely doing it Dixie DIY's way next time. Oh well, you live and learn. I added 1/2" to the crotch depth and were I to do this swim suit again and I will (expect to see it soon), I would raise the bra shelf up about 3/4" - 1". I would also add elastic to the straps and would actually do them completely different by extending the neck strap length and criss-crossing them in the back and attaching them to the place where the back strap starts, thereby eliminating the need for the back strap and swim suit hooks.

Any of you swim suit making? These are like the easiest things to make and really quite fun to tackle. I'm excited to try another one! Yay! Any tips or tricks in your swim suit sewing travels?

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