July 18, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong: Shirt Dress Reveal Party!

Are you guys ready for a little party? For those of you participating in the shirt dress part of this sewalong, today is your day to shine! Yay! I finished mine about a week ago and could not be more pleased with how it turned out! What do you guys think? You want to hear a few specifics?

OK, OK. I did opt for white linen and I got the fabric for it from Joann - its one of the few things I will buy there as I think the quality of the linen at Joann is pretty decent. Since I did it in white, and white can be seriously see-through, I opted to line the skirt section in a bemberg rayon lining. Also, for both dresses, shirt and wrap, I found that I really needed a waistline stay as both dresses had pretty heavy skirts and the waistline was drooping in certain sections because of it. For this dress, I applied the waistline stay by hand and am pretty happy with the result. It definitely does its job!

I used really simple and really cheap black buttons - those Slimline ones that cost $1, to be exact. Is it just me, or has the selection of stylish buttons just gone out the window in the last few years? Every time I go to the store to look at buttons, I come away feeling like they never have the ones I want. It's rather dissatisfying to say the least. Also, you'll note that my buttonholes were done in a contrasting color of thread to that of my dress. Oh my - FAUX PAUX! Ha ha ha! Actually, this is becoming one of those signature things that I do. Don't know why, but I personally really like it.

I did a baby hem. I'm not entirely happy with the hem on this dress as I think it might not be even, but I'll be damned if I'm doing it again (and yes, I did just swear!). I connected the skirt to the lining with serged french tacks - something I always forget to do, but am so happy that I remembered this time. Overall, I'm rather tickled with how lovely the dress turned out. It's white and linen and that does really great things for the serious heat wave we've been having here in Utah. Plus I can pair it with several different colors of belts and accessories and wear flat sandals and still look put together.

Now, its your turn to share your shirt dresses! Please leave a comment here and tell us where to find your version of Simplicity 1880's Shirt Dress! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Shirt Dress section of this sewalong! I really hope you all learned something new and had fun making this pattern your own! I know I did.


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