July 16, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong Party! You're Invited!

I'm so excited to be announcing a party for this particular sewalong. Are you guys ready to rock and roll? So here's how its going to go down.

This will be a virtual party. I do wish this could be a real party where we all met up together in real life wearing our dresses and had cocktails and fun, but unfortunately that's not possible. To do this, we'll be meeting back here on Thursday (July 19) for the Shirt Dressers and Friday (July 20) for the Wrap Dressers. I'll be posting about my finished creations and then you guys can add comments and links in your comments about where your dress is located on the web, ie blog post, flickr photo, burda style account, pattern review account, etc. Make sense?

Don't have your dress quite finished? No biggie! You can add a comment link later on down the road and there's always the flickr group to add to as well.

Are you guys ready to party? Yay! I'm getting a little antsy to show you my dresses, that's for sure! I'm pretty tickled with both of them! Here's a little sneak peek at my shirt dress:

All finished! Yay! OK, ladies! Meet me back here on Thursday and Friday for some 2-in-1 sewalong fun!

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