July 9, 2012

2-in-1 Sew-Along: Tie or Belt Construction

We are at the very end of our Simplicity 1880 journey. The tie or sash is left to construct and I thought I would be kind and include construction for how to make a vintage style self fabric belt too.

the Tie
The tie is rather simple. You'll have cut two parts of the tie. Stitch the short, straight edges together and press the seams open.

With right sides together, fold the tie in half and stitch around the outer raw edges, leaving a 6" - 8" opening so that you can turn the tie.

Clip off the pointy ends and turn your tie. I use this handy ball point bodkin. I get it started at the point edge by caving it in on itself with my fingers and then I get the ball point shoved in there and work my way to the opening.

Once the tie is turned, press flat, getting the seams pulled out as much as possible. You'll have to use the needle and thread trick for the pointy ends to get nice sharp points.

Stitch an edge stitch, about 1/8" all the way around the edges. This will also seal off the opening. Tie/Sash is done!

Self Fabric Belt

Carriers/Belt Loops
You may want to add some carriers because these keep the tie or the belt in place. I personally like carriers a lot and I tend to overuse them. I really like my belts and ties to stay put. If you would like the same, you'll need to make some carriers/belt loops.

I cut a strip of self fabric --- x ----. Stitch down one side with right sides together. Trim the seam allowance if needed and turn to the right side. I use a loop turner for this job. Press.

Apply the carriers to these specific places: half way from your side seam and your center back and/or center front. I've done ones that I only put in the back and that works great. Sometimes you don't want the carriers in the front. Sometimes you do.

Fold down a raw edge, bar tack the edge in place. Clip the excess raw edge off. Measure your belt width, and measure down the carrier the same amount, plus some extra - like 1/2" and then fold the other end in place. You'll want some ease in the carrier so the belt goes through easily and doesn't pull and distort. Bar tack the other folded edge down and trim off the excess.

We are done! I do so hope that this has been a rewarding and fun dress journey for you. Woot Woot! New dresses for all!

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