June 12, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong: Inspirational Wrap Dresses

Here's a bit of inspiring wrap type dresses to get your creative juices flowing for our sewalong. Tomorrow I'll feature shirt dress styles so don't despair if you haven't thought of what you want your final creation to look like. I'm such a wrap dress lover. Sigh.....They look so easy and chic. LinB (a regular commenter here at A Fashionable Stitch) said of Simplicity 1880:

"This pattern is so sweet — it reminds me of the dresses we sewed in the mid-late 1970s, with its front gathers into a shoulder yoke, and the swingy skirt, and the convertible collar. Even the cuffed full sleeves on the wrap dress make me nostalgic for that time of at-last-i’m-done-with-high-school-bring-on-the-boys optimism and youthful vitality! I look forward to seeing your finished dresses."

I would say that just about sums it right up for me. Perfect description of what I'm after.

This is like THE wrap dress I want. Isn't it rather beautiful? Yet it looks totally unfussy and easy to wear. Comfort is definitely a word that is coming to mind and I do so like comfort.

This is another beauty. It has a very chic look and I love the pockets - something I'm seriously considering incorporating into the sewalong. What say you?

Here's a faux wrap style dress that's got a bit of an edge to it. I love the use of gathers everywhere and it looks light and summery. Plus its green and I'm a green fanatic!

Pretty right? I love the fabric choice and this looks very similar to our pattern pick as well. A pretty pair of heels and a clutch and you're set.

Are you dying over this dress? Crazy thing is it looks like a sharp, clean cotton poplin and I was all thinking only about silky drapey stuff. You can't go wrong with cotton poplin now can you?

I'm so in love with this purpley color and the fact it's polka dotted makes my knees start to give. It's lovely! Plus again, we've got those lovely gathers at the waist and shoulders - so flattering!

I'm loving the sleeve length on this number and even the color, though I know it wouldn't look that great on me (same color as my skin). Still quite nice!

Another lovely piece and it has such class too. All I can think is chic, class, sophisticated.

So you can click on any of the photos to see where they came from. What do you think? Do have an inspiring wrap dress image? Leave the link in the comments cuz I would love to see more. Also, I ran across this interview with Diane Von Furstenberg who pretty much hallmarked the wrap dress style and I thought it was more than inspiring so you should hop over and read it too.



  1. I love pockets! I am starting a slow chant (at work & in my head, mind you) to egg you on. Pock-ets. Pock-ets. Pock-ets.

  2. 1 and 7 are my favorite but I'm definitely with you on the pockets. I have a bad habit of assuming everything I own/make has pockets (knowing darn well I remembered to put them in AFTER I'd already finished all my seams to perfection---ergo, no pockets!). :)

  3. Thanks for posting that link to the DVF interview. It's weird to think that a style that is such a staple like the the wrap dress didn't even exist until 40 years ago. How surreal it must be to realize you've invented a new kind of garment that becomes so ubiquitous.

  4. I love wrap dresses and have a TNT pattern for a knit jersey. When I think of DVF, I think of her quote from the '80s about designing the wrap dress without zippers for quietly leaving a sleeping man: "Haven't you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning? I've done that many times."

  5. I definitely vote pockets on both the wrap and the shirt dress :) I would love to add them to mine! I was just wondering your thoughts on using a non-drapey cotton based fabric like you showed above. I was all set with a cute cotton print, but then read the 'suggested fabrics' and all of them were drapey. Do you think this shirt dress pattern will still come out ok in a cotton?

  6. Argh disaster - now I want to make the wrap dress too!!!!

  7. I think it will be just fine. Some sewalongers are thinking cotton poplin and that's a pretty crisp fabric, but I think it will be super fabulous!

  8. Great inspirations for the wrap dress! It still hasn't limited my choices on fabric down, only increased them! Does anyone have any ideas on how to decide? I like the cotton voile that Sunni posted in the inspiration boards a few posts down, but never sewed (sewn?) with it before. Is it similar to other cotton fabrics? I do worry about it being too sheer. I know I don't want rayon, maybe linen? I wish I had a fabric store closer to me, but the only one I have is Jo-Ann's and their selection is sometimes lacking.

  9. I know exactly how you feel! Grrrhhh! Cotton voile is sheer and so I would recommend that if you wanted to use it, definitely wear a slip or underline/line it. I'll be posting about lining the skirt section of the dress which is really quite easy. As for linen - I LOVE linen. It's one of my favorite textiles and I admit that Joann actually has a pretty decent selection of linen usually and usually no one is buying it because they hate the wrinkle. Plus its got the perfect blend of weight and drape and I think it would marvelous on the wrap dress myself, but I might actually make it up for the shirt dress. In fact, no more nilly-nally, I'm going to go and purchase some white linen right now and that is my final answer! Yay!

  10. I'm glad you said that about linen! Some of my favorite clothes in my closet are linens or linen-blends. Most people seem to turn their nose up to it, but man-oh-man I love the stuff! I don't worry so much about wrinkling, it seems the blends do a better job of keeping it down to a minimum; either that or I just don't care that I got wrinkles in my clothes. And when I stopped at Joann's to pick up the pattern, I did find some soft yummy linen/polyester blend in the red tag pile, half-off! Actually, all my linen in my stash came from Joann's, they do a good job at having a nice selection. Now to decide on what color...

  11. I love the green version including the pockets ! Thank you so much for all this inspiration !


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