June 25, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong: Cloth Cutting

That day has finally arrived. Well, Ok, ok, I actually cut my cloth for one dress over the weekend and got a bit of a headstart with it so that I can keep up with the sewalong posts. But you can bet that I'm cutting my other dress today - the wrap version. This also just reminds me that I haven't officially stated my fabric selections. For those of you who are interested, and even for those of you who aren't, you'll be seeing a lot of each of the following:

Simple white linen for the shirt dress - not even my wedding dress was white, so this is a big step for me.

Gorgeous 3-ply silk crepe from Gorgeous Fabrics. I know. I know. If you're not jealous, you should be because this stuff is just amazing!

I'm terribly, terribly excited for both versions of the dress. Ok, actually I'm thrilled! Anyway, today's post is a reminder to cut your cloth for your dresses, as if you didn't know. Don't forget to pre-treat your fabric. There's a bunch of articles on how to do that and you have my own here. From there, cut your cloth. Here's a few beginner's tips for cutting into your fabric and if you're using a slippery fabric and you're a shears lover, use this tip. Please note that you can also use a rotary cutter and mat.

A couple more reminders and tips for each version:

Shirt Dress Sewalongers ~ Cut one piece of interfacing for your under collar piece (we traced off this piece via this tutorial) and the back facing (#11). Piece #3 is the interfacing for the buttonhole/front facing, so don't forget to use that piece too.

Wrap Dress Sewalongers ~ Skip the facings and cut yourself some bias tape. Remember this post? You don't have to cut into any interfacing, unless you really want to use the facings. Isn't that something to shout about!

Happy Cutting!
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