June 20, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong: Alteration Resources

When I initially started thinking about doing another sewalong, this is the post I was most concerned about. This is the part in every sewing experience that kind of makes or breaks the sewist. It's that dreaded word alteration. Seriously. Like, its not enough that you just measured yourself in your underwear, or that you cut out your pattern size according to your upper bust measurement which is a full 8 inches different than your full bust measurement and that you've now mocked up a muslin and tried it on only to find that no, it doesn't fit. It's kind of tough times as you stand there in front of the mirror, ready to cry or laugh and wondering whether or not this is really that good of a pattern/style for you because that muslin color is doing nothing for your coloring.

Let's all say it together then. Honey, we've all been there. Don't worry. I mean it. And, ps, nobody looks good in muslin.

So if you've come to this part in the sewalong and you are just about ready to give it up, don't. Don't be afraid to cut and slash your pattern to bits - well it might be good if you trace off the pattern pieces you're going to cut and slash and then cut and slash the traced off pieces. Also, if you're relatively new to pattern altering, don't worry if everything doesn't work out just perfectly in the first round. I've been sewing for years and there are still alterations that I tackle and try because there are days I feel I have found perfect fit and then all of sudden there are days when I know I haven't. Here's some great online resources for a few of the more common alterations that you might need for Simplicity 1880:

click on the image for the source

For the Wrap Bodice version:
Adjusting for a Full Bust on a Wrap Top
Small Bust Adjustments
Raising a Neckline
Removing Neck Gape

For the Shirt Bodice version:
Full Bust Adjustment
My Cup Does Not Runneth Over (Small bust adjustment)

For Both versions:
Problem Areas: The Back

In addition, tomorrow & Friday's scheduled posts will be a couple more alteration type posts that are for everyone, so don't go cutting out your fabric just yet. If you've found more alteration type posts around the interwebs that have helped you, please don't hesitate to share in the comments! We could all use a hand when it comes to getting a perfect fit! And if you are terrified to death of alterations, pick up Fit For Real People or The Perfect Fit - both are excellent books on fit and give you a great intro to how to fit yourself and make alterations with confidence.

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