May 25, 2012

Stitching Spotlights 5.25.2012

Well. I am now typing this post from my mister's computer. My computer is on the fritz. When you are a blogger and you have a certain reputation, online shop and life presence on the internet this sort of thing can make you feel extremely out of sorts. I'll be calling my local Mac store and hoping to get an appointment to get my baby fixed. Sigh.....Deeper, Longer Sigh....I'm feeling a cold creeping up too. Not to worry! There's quite a few things in the cache. I've just received fabric for re-slipping my sofa. I'll be talking more about it next week. I'm working on welting today. It's to be my summer project. I'm a little excited to say the least. Anyway, let's get to some fabulous creations and tutorials I stumbled upon this week!

This week's spotlighted creation goes to Liz from I'm such a sucker for hand embroidery. Please notice I typed hand embroidery because I don't quite feel the same about machine embroidered effects. I love this dress for its embroidery! Oh my goodness! I think that Liz is such a perfectionist (in a very good way) and it totally shines through in her amazing creations, don't you think? Oh Liz, its beautiful! Who knew you could add a little pizazz to a black dress in such a great way?

Sherry gave us her insider secrets for sewing with plaids. I've sewn with plaids and really, its no easy feat. Even getting one little plaid (or a few) out of line can really make or break a creation. So don't miss part i, part ii, sewing checks and Sherry's final creation. It's gorgeous! I seriously love it when people pull off interesting combinations like checks and animal print! It's rockin! I so wish it was mine.

Remember how Jen at Grainline was my partner for the refashion swap? She's sporting her refashion from me today, but last week her new collection at Hound (her clothing line) popped into my reader. Readers this is such a drool worthy collection and I love how fresh and modern it looks. I've kind of been trying to go for a more modern look lately and I'm seriously crushing these colors, lines and styles. What do you think?

More web-o-sphere inspired creme de la creme for you:
Suzannah gives us a little leather trimmed tee inspiration with a short tutorial to boot.
Another beautiful garment from Sallieoh. PS, have I ever told you how much I love ikat? Well I do.
How to rescue some wrinkled interfacing from Pam. Don't miss.
A sweet little party frock that has blue roses and seriously, who doesn't need a party frock with blue roses? Who?
Happiness really really is a delightful safari jacket! I LOVE the contrasting undercollar!

Have a very wonderful weekend and for those here in the US a great Memorial Day!



  1. Great post. Thanks for info and tutorials. Invaluable!

  2. How to iron away wrinkles on interfacing was great. Thanks for posting. I always love this feature.

  3. Thanks for including my dress Sunni!

  4. Well. I understand the computer thing. I recently lost an expensive camera lens because my tripod tipped. Ugh. At least your computer can be fixed. My lens is toast. AND I hope you don't get sick.

    On another note, I adore the safari jacket. I love it. I need a safari jacket.

  5. I totally like the shoes and your dress. It looks sophisticated and simple but stylish. It fits perfectly on you. Your style is certainly great. I like your fashion sense.


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