April 9, 2012

Strawberry Banksia

Somehow, I feel that my time has been in a bit of a whirlwind since January and I've not done things that I really should have. One is to tell you that I've now started to carry a few Megan Nielsen's sewing patterns in the shop. These are rather sweet patterns and I've started to see several versions pop up all over the blogospheres and am now happy to report that I've made myself a Banksia blouse from one.

Let's see, where to start. I've been working on a wrap dress (more on that later) that I'm drafting myself. It's my first ever full draft of a dress and I'm actually rather impressed with myself, but its been a bit of a big job and I needed a distraction of sorts and found that this pattern only had 5 pattern pieces. I like it when you can make something from a small amount of pattern pieces. I whipped this number out in a day, which I found amazing because normally I tend to allow projects to sit for a day or two on things like hemming and the like (I hate hemming, because then it means the project is usually over).

I altered the pattern with my sloper (this is becoming a rather invaluable tool) and then proceeded to cut it out in this strawberry coloured linen which as you can only guess is from Yellow Bird Fabrics (have I mentioned that I really do love this store?). It stitched up really quickly! I was a little shaky when it came to the placket, but the directions were quite spot on and I found the insertion quite easy to do. The buttons were from the stash and if I do say so myself, their oversized size makes for a rather Anthropologie-esque feel. Kinda cute right?

I misjudged the length for this thing - something I've fixed for a future round, but I'm happy to report that adding a band of fabric to the bottom for increased length only means that I'm resourceful rather than dismayed that I didn't get every single thing perfectly right. Right?

I'm pretty happy with the finished result - I think I'll be more happy with a pair of black cotton sateen clovers to go with it. That'll be the icing the on the cake I'm quite sure. Easy pattern=sweet blouse! And because I promised to give you a resource list, here you go:

Banksia Blouse pattern - similar fabric

I don't know about you, but I'm aching for a strawberry smoothie just about now...

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