April 5, 2012

Stitching Spotlights 4.6.2012

Hey guys, it was my birthday this week - Wednesday to be exact. It's the big 30 this year and I was going to post something about it, but I didn't. Instead I've been sewing and prepping ideas for future stuff and all round, its been one rather nice and easy week. I'm good with that. That's a good birthday week I think. So Happy Birthday to me, right?

This week's spotlighted creation goes to Lauriana from Petit Main Sauvage. Lauriana has a keen eye for design and she knocked off this Burberry look with extraordinary finesse. Isn't it gorgeous. I love the silhouette, fabric color and its just the right length. The waist detail is rather stunning too. Amazing frock Lauriana!

These lace tutorials (here & here) from Lauren about inserting lace by machine is really amazing. Definitely do not miss it! I can see this working beautifully in the bodice of a dress or even just a billowy cotton voile blouse just in time for summer.

A very noteworthy post on matching up stripes! Tasia has the most clever ideas and techniques!

More inspiring musings throughout the interwebs:
Did you catch this article? I found it most interesting. Do you think there is a pretty penalty?
A most favorite outfit to cross my reader - I just love Spring, don't you?
I adore this dress recently finished by Jessica. Makes me want a pina colada, right. now.
Don't miss Duane's undercollar inspiration. I've only seen this once before, but I thought it was nothing less than stellar!
I love Lauren's shirtwaist. She's a regular belle in it.
I really hope you caught Lavender's 1913 dress - don't miss the giveaway either!
Loved this post on tips for sewing with knits!

Happy Easter Weekending!



  1. Happy birthday, Sunni! Thank you so much for all the great sewing information you give us!

  2. Happy birthday, Sunni!

    I did happen to catch that article about the penalty for being pretty. It was definitely interesting to read but I wasn't 100% sure I agreed with or could relate (maybe I'm not pretty enough to suffer like her? Haha) to the author. I think perhaps it was more of a combination of the things she had going for her (stylish dresser, blonde, slim, confident, happy in her marriage, going places in her career) that was perceived as particularly threatening to the women around her.

  3. Oops, correction: I didn't read the BeautyEditor article you've linked to, I read the original piece by Samantha Brick! Now I need to check out this one and compare, haha.

  4. Happy belated birthday!!! An Aries? Just perfect :)

  5. Happy birthday Sunni! It does sound like a great birthday week :)

  6. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady!!! Birthday weeks are fun, aren't they?

  7. i'm a huge fan of the contrasting undercollar too! i just finished a striped seersucker blazer for my 3 yr old boy and i used a contrasting print for the undercollar. i love unexpected surprises like that!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And thanks so much for mentioning my tutorials :)

  9. Kudos to Lavender for her 1913 dress.

    P.S. Can I tell you how much I enjoy your stitching spotlights? It's such a great way to see what I've missed this week from around the sewing blogs!

  10. I enjoy your Stitching Spotlights every week.

  11. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all these lovely links. Have a lovely holiday this weekend.

  12. Happy, happy birthday! I turn 30 this year, too (eek!). I hope you were able to celebrate in your favorite way! :)

  13. Happy late birthday! Glad it was a good one! I enjoy your weekly spotlights. :)

  14. Happy birthday Sunni! Thank you for always providing us with interesting posts!

  15. A very happy birthday to you!! I hope it was a good one :)
    Thanks for the link to attaching laces. Definitely going to give that tutorial a try!

  16. Hope you had a nice birthday . . .

  17. Jessica's dress looks EXACTLY like mine from last year! http://peanutbuttermacrame.blogspot.com/2011/04/sunset-by-lake-dress.html


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