April 19, 2012

Stitching Spotlights 4.20.2012

You're going to flip out when I tell you that I watched the first season of Downton Abbey in two evenings. I was riveted. Loved it. Favorite characters? I would marry Carsen. Yes. Marry! I ADORE Lady Violet. She is so witty and positively awful - I WILL be her when I grow up! The love story between Mr. Bates and Anna is so wonderful. Tonight, I think I might sit down and watch a few episodes all over again. I'm going to have to purchase season two as it doesn't seem to be on the interwebs anywhere. But what do I care? I have to see season two now. This is life and death, you know. Have you seen Downton Abbey? What are your favorite characters? Any plans this weekend?

Speaking of Downton, I truly hope you didn't miss Lauren's gorgeous titanic ensemble. Oh my goodness, I die! Alack! Beautiful. I do think Lauren would be right at home in this era, don't you? It's stunning Lauren!

I had a very hard time picking between the above creation and Karen's chic blouse, so why not spotlight them both huh? After seeing this beauty, I instantly downloaded the pattern, put it all together (something I LOATHE) and even added the seam allowances like a good girl (something I HATE even more). Then I managed to cut out a blouse in a similar-ish elephant print rayon challis that I've had stashed for sometime. I can't say that I'm done, because I'm not, but the pattern is only 4 pieces! Yay! And isn't Karen's creation just fabulous. Oh Karen - this is simply impeccable! A grand sewing project so well done!

Anytime Pam posts a tutorial they are fabulous! So don't miss this one, especially if you have a thing for getting your garment to look just as pretty inside as out! Awesome tip!

More wonderful things from this week!
Did you see this girl's darling skirt? Oh you simply have to! It's so fab!
I've been daydreaming about shirtmaking lately. This placket tutorial, pattern included, is not to be missed.
I wish I had a sis-in-law like Casey! This dress would have been fabulous at my prom.
If you're a belt-ey person like me, you'll want to make this one from Lauren.
Ever thrift items that are just too short? Here's a tutorial for how to lengthen a hem.
I hope you didn't miss Peter's maternity ensemble for Cathy. What do you think she's having, boy or girl?
Here's a fabulous Princess Seam FBA tutorial for you well endowed ladies. Don't miss Katie's amazing dress either! Perfect for summer.
A great tutorial on spiral steel boning and how to cut and cap it.

Have a lovely weekend!
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