April 10, 2012

Inspired: the Wrap Dress

I'm trying to do something of a SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) and a Spring Palette. More or less, I'm trying to keep my energies focused on one project at a time. This is hard for me. Once I get started on a project, I tend to start looking for another project before the project I'm working on has even finished. I told you yesterday that I've started drafting a wrap dress. It's my first full draft and its been kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do, so I decided to compromise and sew 2 wrap dresses instead of just one. I've been wanting something of a Diane Von Furstenberg meets the wrap dresses from the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. A rather odd combo, I'll admit, but lately that's what I've been inspired by. I put together a few images of what I'm dreaming about so that possibly, you too, might be inspired! Yay! Click on each image for the original link.

I adore this dress. I especially love the flow and drape of the fabric, a silk I would guess. A completely perfect color too. Don't you think?

Another silk beauty but with gorgeous pockets. Not a true wrap dress, but a faux wrap, nonetheless. I adore it! The color, the drape and beauty of the fabric and the sleeve particularly catch my eye.

A classic Diane Von Furstenberg. So simple. Classic lines and simple shapes. In none other than her classic silk jersey. Such luxury! I die!

These last two images are from the 2005 version of the Pride & Prejudice. Now, regardless of your feelings about the film (of which, I am told there are strong ones about it) I find the costumes positively lovely. There were a multitude of wrap like dresses like the pink one on the far right in the top photo and most had a back with similar design lines to the one in the bottom photo. I especially love the back. An armscye princess seam with a center back seam and a wrapped shoulder seam. I think its stunning, what do you say? Are you a wrap dress fiend too? Doesn't everyone need one of these?


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