March 23, 2012

Stitching Spotlights 3.23.2012

It's been a hectic week. Again. That seems to be a common theme around these parts as of late. But not to worry! I've got several upcoming posts scheduled for next week including, but not limited to, the finale of Inserting a Lining into a Vented Skirt. There's also new projects on my table, ones I need to finish up and several I'm dying to get my hands into. How's your week been?

This week's spotlighted creation goes to Novita from verypurpleperson! When this Vogue pattern came on the scene, I quickly snatched up a copy because I LOVED the dress. Seeing it all done up in such a fabulous jersey print makes me crave a version of my own. I think Novita looks positively sensational in it! Fabulous work Novita! My eyes are green with envy!

Have you guys heard of Springpad? I came across it the other day and have been rather pleased with the way it works to organize items I find inspirational, techniques I would like to use, patterns I'm dreaming of, etc. Basically its just a great way to organize bookmarks and info and of course, my topics are all sewing related. Go figure.

I thought this was an excellent post by Tanit-Isis that went up just yesterday. Definitely have a look and read if you are interested in the world of fitting a sloper to commercial/indie patterns. Thanks for a great and informative post Tanit-Isis!

More lovely things from around the webs:
✂ Peter posted a cache of resources for fixing your own vintage sewing machine. Don't miss it, especially if you have a vintage machine!
✂ Rachel gave us a great resource for finding the type of pattern tracing paper she uses. I'm very tempted to buy a roll or two!
Darling top! So cute! Stephanie sews up a fabulous version of the Pussy Bow Blouse from Pattern Runway.
✂ I've got a silk blouse that's dying to be refashioned into something - I might take a cue from Lauren for this!
✂ Are you up for making a Darling Ranges of your own? Don't miss out on Megan's Sewalong!
✂ This mending tutorial from Lady Danburry is simple genius!
✂ Suzy is almost ready to release her very first pattern! Hop on over to catch a peek at what's to come!
✂ Drool worthy spring wardrobe inspiration.
✂ The gall, the audacity - Sallieoh sews with LEATHER! Amazing jacket, plus gorgeous skirt with picture perfect background.

That's a wrap lovelies! Until next week...


  1. Springpad, hmm? I use instapaper to save links when I'm online so I can read them on my iphone (totally amazing for recipes - I basically have a cookbook in my pocket at this point) and to keep track of bookmarks but I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the heads-up Sunni! (And also, I had pinterested the crap out of Katie Ermilio without ever seeing the whole collection - POW!)

  2. Thanks so much for the link, Sunni! What a lovely thing to wake up to :). Here's hoping all that "process" gets me to a wearable top... ;)

  3. Oh wow I'm in my favorite blog! Thank you Sunni!
    Can't wait for the finale post of inserting lining into vented skirt, your tutorial was really helpful.
    I'm adding vent to all my future skirt!

  4. Wow, I hadn't heard of Springpad. It looks like a really handy way to keep track of cool stuff (sewing and otherwise!). Thanks for posting about it.

  5. Ahh tracing paper eh? Wonder if I can get my hands on some of that here in New Zealand. I'm just about to run out of the cheap interfacing I've been using (which tbh is not the most suitable I think)

  6. thanks for the link, sunni!

    i've never heard of springpad, but i'm on pinterest all of the time. like, non-stop. i also didn't know that megan was hosting a darling ranges sewalong. that's next on my list, so thanks for the heads up.

  7. Thank you so much for linking to me :)

  8. I tried Springpad a few months ago but was a little concerned about the fact they seem to analyze the content to "help" you. It bothered me enough to give up and try Evernote instead, and so far I love it.

    I always appreciate your weekly Stitching Spotlights, by the way :).

  9. Novita's dress is so adorable. Thank you for the link!

  10. Hi Sunni! providing us this this useful tips is really a big help and explaining it step by step is to understand. Thanks for the link and i'm looking forward on your next post!


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