March 16, 2012

Stitching Spotlights 3.16.2012

If you can possibly believe it, I'm now hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer - btw, how did I miss this series when I was younger? And well, Buffy and her gang got the best of me and I didn't prepare (as I should have) for last week's edition of spotlights. Blush. Ahem.... So can I just catch up with you for a sec? Last week was nuts. Sleeping  around these here parts has been in serious short supply. Like seriously short. And what with the time change here in Utah, I could start slaying vampires too. On top of which, I'm now already behind in my quest for 3 finished items this month. My little fanny needs to be put in top gear, I think.

Again, I have two spotlighted creations for you this week. Paunnet made up a truly fabulous rendition of a Victory Pattern! Isn't this violet sensation just the bee's knees! The zipper is truly gorgeous (I'm a big fan of seeing well applied zippers, aren't you?) Rachel from Be.Mine. made this truly stellar button up shirt. I've got a hankering for some button-ups and since I've got a pretty good feel for tops lately (what with my line backer shoulders) I'm ready to start making them in plethoras. This one from Rachel is right up my ally. Plus I have a serious soft spot for Rachel cuz she makes clothes that she can wear everyday and that is a cue I really need to take.

What about these lovely arrowhead tacks from Sherry? I can see the goodness for these in several sewing projects. Aren't they just lovely and they add just the right amount of detail and interest without bombarding the admirer with too much, you know, stuff.

I read Off the Cuff, do you? Pamela not only sells fantastic interfacing (I just bought my first bundle from her and can't wait for it to get here so that I can start on a trench-like coat) but she gives you tips for serious shirtmaking, plus other sewing stuff too. She posted this video about how to correctly iron a shirt. Swoon. This guy, and his english accent, with that powerful iron in his hand makes my heart all aflutter.

More lovliness catching my little eye:
✂ I love linen. Especially when it gets wrinkly. So I can't help but want this lurvely dress. Looks terribly easy to wear too.
✂ Don't miss out on part 2 & part 3 of drafting a block pattern from Madalynne.
✂ Lauren, I'm dying for a pair of these. And your Pastille version is just too sweet and fabulous for words.
✂ I always find the mysterious world of tailoring and Saville Row fascinating. Especially with pictures involved.
✂ I'm just about to embark on the dreaded task of adding seam allowances to a pattern - this tip from Pamela looks so wonderful I could cry!
✂ This rule of thumb is so intriguing, I'm dying to try!

Try not to have too much fun this weekend. It's all about work, you know!


  1. Aw, Sunni, you always make me feel like a lil celebrity when you link my stuff. Thank you! :) And holy wow, Rachel's denim button-up is amazing. Never realized how badly I needed one of those until just this second.

  2. I'm amazed with Rachel's denim button-up! And have I told you how fascinating I find your blog? I've been introduced to so many amazing sewing enthusiasts it blows my mind. I'm so busy reading about everyone else's sewing accomplishments, when will I have time to sew? ;) I better get on that!

  3. I love the tutorial on sewing shirts. I hate ironing and I especially hate ironing shirt - there are just so many parts to be ironed. No fun at all. EVER!

  4. Great video - so few people are ever actually taught how to iron! My first job @ 16 was as an assistant to the visual team at the big Gap in my city. I spend endless, endless hours ironing and steaming khakis and shirts for mannequins. There is something oddly zen about repetitive tasks like that. I still get a lot of pleasure out of a freshly well-ironed shirt!

  5. LOVE Buffy. I haven't watched it in a while, but I've seen all of the episodes at least 3 times (probably more). Check out Angel when you're done. It's a great show to listen to while you sew.

  6. Um, I am OBSESSED with Buffy! Part of the reason I got a claddah tattoo was because of her and Angel. I'm officially a dork :) Are going to watch Angel next?

  7. Ahhh, the familiar dilemma: choosing between sewing, blogging, catching up on old TV shows, or clicking all of your inspiring and informative links! I need more hands, eyes, and hours in the day. :)

  8. Yes, Buffy. I started watching it last summer when I started sewing again. My 2011 summer sewing memories are inextricably linked to Buffy!! Keep an eye on Anya, her style is pretty great (mostly). I actually wrote an inspiration post on it ages ago!

  9. Lovely links, as usual. :) I just watched the last episode of Buffy last night! Love that show. I'm actually going to share my extreme nerdiness with you and tell you that I fully intend to start reading the comic books as soon as I can get my hot little hands on them. They pick up where the show leaves off, so it'll just keep on going. Also, I pretty much adore everything Joss Whedon does. The man is a genius.

  10. Thank you so much, Sunni! What an honour ^_^

  11. Sunni, thanks for the shout out. It's awesome to see your mug on one of your favorite blogs. I love Lauren's dress too. She uses the best color, I need to take note.

    Can't wait to see your next creation.

  12. You've got some great tips this week! Especially that one about tracing the seam allowances--that sounds much easier (and less annoying) than my usual method of 3 pencils taped together! I'll have to give that a try the next time I have a Burda pattern to trace out. It sounds like it could also be a good way to get a little more life out of those machine needles that are too dull for fabric.

  13. [...] was perusing some sewing blogs and came across this post at  A Fashionable Stitch.  She included a video on how to iron a mens [...]

  14. hee hee. It's funny obsessive Buffy can be! I am a self confessed lover of Buffy. I used to watch it as a teenager and I still find myself going back for more. When I was a little tac I even wanted to make some of Buffy's clothes.... now that's embarrassing!
    The arrowhead tacs look great and I will certainly have to give them a go.
    Good luck with BUFFY!.... or good luck with trying not to watch it:)

  15. Love the shirt ironing video! It make shirt pressing look easy.
    I just needed to comment that adding seam allowance tip is great and very clever, but I don't think it will save a lot of time. Adding seam allowance is easy once you get the rhythm. Get a see-thru ruler and line it up to the seam and mark the pattern. I start with the straight lines (the easiest :) and then go on the cuves making length of the ruler parallel to the seam. You pivot the ruler and add small dashed lines. Eventually you will get your groove and can add the seam allowance at the same time as you are pivoting.
    BTW, just discovered your blog- great stuff.

  16. Buffy is timeless sewing inspiration. Firstly. Secondly...I should really queue the Scooby gang on Netflix while I stitch this afternoon!!

    Man I miss them.

  17. I love your dress! It's gorgeous!


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