March 29, 2012

Simplicity Blog Hop!

I was contacted a bit ago by Simplicity to participate in a blog hop along with several other bloggers! (Hey guys, please excuse my yesterday's post which wasn't supposed to go up until today but which I accidently hit publish for and didn't realize it until it was too late! Oi!) I was overjoyed and was sent 3 patterns from which I was to choose one to mock up and feature here at A Fashionable Stitch. There's something of a Vintage Inspired Look celebration going on over at Simplicity and you can jump on over to enter to win a pack of the same 3 patterns I received and then choose one, like me, and make your own. You should also sign up for Simplicity's newsletter while you're at it (and get 15% off so you can buy those new Cynthia Rowley dresses like I did)!

Here I sit, eating a mouthful of oreo cookies, drinking whole milk and listening to Carmina Burana. This has been one of those projects where somehow my sewing mojo was off but now that the photos have been taken, I gave myself leave to celebrate with some sugar and fat. Originally, I told Mr. S to pick the pattern for me and he actually picked Simplicity 2282. Then we went fabric shopping and found some rather fantastic marigold colored silk charmeuse at Yellow Bird and from there we went home. When I got home, I put the silk up to my face and couldn't imagine a worse color for my complexion! So a whole dress in that color would have looked rather interesting, I'm sure. So, since I blew a chunk of change on silk, I opted to go shopping in my stash and found this rust colored linen that I've had for years and have been needing to use for something. I thought about doing Simplicity 2282, but then I thought - No! I want Simplicity 1913!

Long story short I tried many of the pattern options for this dress, but found that my final version here, was the best suited for my shape and fashion sensibilities. I really wanted the version that had the sleeves, the carriers and sash and the collar. I had stitched the sleeves in and the collar and felt Just wasn't doin it for me. So I scrapped the collar, then I decided to scrap the sleeves too because they weren't helping things.

I really wanted to keep the cute little gathers at the hips. But friends, let's get some things straight with this here old Sunni Standing. I can't do gathers at my waist. No seriously. I can't. And what's way weird is that I keep trying. And trying. And trying. So it's now official - there will be no more trying to do gathers at my waist. No more! I love gathers at the waist too - especially when I see them all cute and darling on everyone else. But I can't pull them off. I don't even know why either. But I can't. So to avert the gathers at Sunni's waist (I did try them too - clearly my seam ripper and I are real tight now, real tight) I seam ripped and put in tucks. Even weirder, I can do tucks but not gathers. Totally don't get it.

Let's move onto some good stuff, OK? I now have a rather stylish and chic sheath dress, in a color that screams ME. Plus its linen and I LOOOOOVE linen. Yeah, I'm a fan of the wrinkle. Totally love that. So anyway, I've got this dress now and its fully lined! This was no easy feat, I tell you. The skirt section has a back vent and so I did my whole back vent thing (which I promise to show you soon). Let's talk about comfort factor too. Real comfortable. I decided not to make this dress so fitted, but rather semi-fitted. Feels like pjs. Plus throw on a cardigan and a pair of flats and I've just turned this glamorous look into something that I can wear around crazy 14 year olds!

I used a trick from Gertie for the skirt section and tapered it in by 1 inch (4 inches total) at the hem (btw, I believe she usually does 2 inches - 8 inches total, but I wasn't quite that brave). The result is more flattering I think, giving the illusion that my hips beautifully round down into my knees. Clever, clever! I adore the princess seams, which is not something I tend to gravitate to so I'm glad to be forced out of my comfort zone a little. My invisible zipper application was perfect and all of my seams align rather perfectly too. I was going to do the carriers and sash, but since the dress is semi fitted, putting a belt around my waist just kind of cinched the fabric all up weird. So I went for that tab with the buttons. I feel pretty mod in an updated 60's sort of way. Simplicity 1913 - conquered!

Friends - don't miss out on the giveaway! And don't miss Susannah's version of Simplicity 1913 which aired yesterday. And guess who's coming up? Why Lavender's got somethin somethin up her sleeve, Zoe's going to turn heads and Tilly's got some sweet stitchin coming your way too. Enjoy!

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